Two Meatballs: 4 day va-cay 4 the 4th!!

I love 4 day weekends!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!



So much much time to spend with my family.. Which is much needed.  I sometime suffer from the full time working mommy blues.  My mommy guilt can be strooooong!  It sucks, and I am beginning to learn guilt is the most useless emotion ever.  Right Sara?!?!?  So I want to make sure I spend as much quality time with my people as possible during my 4 days off.   Sooooo day number one……day trip to Wilmington!!!!!

i love taking London to the beach.   This is her happy place for sure!!!  She is constantly keeping busy, and completely fearless.





Of course she wanted to be Ariel !!!!!  Who dosent???  Am I right ladies?  We had the best time.  Hopefully we will be going back soon.

On the 4th of July brandon, London and I headed downtown.  Ohhhh and surprise surprise ….London spotted face painting immediately!!



Omg. Something new!! She usually picks a cat…a pink cat.  A butterfly!! Great



This kid love rides.  She saw this thing and was determined to go on it with brandon!!





This was kind of a big kid ride!  And she loved it.  So funny.  I was waiting on the side waiting to see her just lose it.  Nope.   She had her arms in the air, talking it up with daddy.

Later that evening we got got some fro yo!!  I had the smallest bowl of plain strawberry! That felt like success.

wpid-20150704_184415.jpg wpid-20150704_184435.jpg




The next day, we were at the pool all day.  I was beginnjng to look extra crispy,  and extra blonde.   So then I started dreaming of darker days!!!



One day!  Not today.  i will not be easily persuaded by her youth and beauty!!!  Haha. Yes I will!!!    You know what gets me focused ??? Working out!!!



So I am hitting the gym during my little break.  I always feel great after the gym, guilt free!!  Any time I have free time and I don’t go to the gym I feel a little disappointed.  I hate that!   Soo I went, and felt fucking strong!!!  And I came home and snuggled with my chicken nugget!!









Happy 4th of July!!!   The struggle is real.  One day at a time!  Healthy life!   Happy girls are the prettiest!!!




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