Two Meatballs: Nanners Gets Hitched!!!

What a week this has been! Love won!!!


We had our 16th weigh in,


I had a fabulous vacation with my family


and I had the living best date night at Anna and Adam’s wedding with my meatball, my bestie and her family and so many old friends! Also, we took our first Uber to the wedding!


We got ready at my house and my dream came true…we were inadvertently twins!


Then we arrived at the Meredith Chapel and immediately ran into The Tedrows!


Jeanne and Katie were searching for a bathroom and lets be honest, I can always pee! Look who we ran into…the groom!  Hey Adam!


He knew Jenny from the blog and I think she was relieved to not feel like a total stranger at an intimate wedding!  Then we had a photo op and quick alterations clinic on Katies dress!


On the way back in we saw Sunny Jim and Farmer Joe and our super best buddies for the night, Anne and Bobby! Time to cozy up in the pews #p-ews


This last picture is Bobby’s signature move!  The oh, I’m sorry, were you trying to take a picture!?


It was 1000 degrees in the Meredith Chapel! I was stuck to the pew and it made a hilarious ripping noise as I stood up trying to snag this pic of Anna Martin #imablogger


Fail!!!  Which is such a shame bc she looked incredible!  Then it was everyones favorite time..dah da da dah!  Look at sweet Anna with good ol Steve!


This was such a beautiful, short and sweet wedding!  They were both smiling the whole time.  I loved every second!


Jenny and I talk about wedding turrets (is that spelled right!?) Whenever it is quiet  and serious, I get the giggles!  And I want to weeeeeeeehw!  And whoop it up during the kiss!  I’m always a fan of a slow clap!  So fun!!!  As soon as they were announced man and wife, we all met in the hall!  AS Jenny and I waited to sign the guest book, I locked eyes with Adams mom Linda!  I don’t think we had ever actually met over their 11 year courtship, but it was like we had always been friends!  Linda said she was a meatball fan which only fueled our friendship!   Love you Linda!!!!  It was so great meeting you! Xoxo.  Back to the action…look at this epic group pic!

Since we Ubered it to the wedding, we asked Anne and Bobby if we could bum a ride to the reception!  And they obliged!  These are two of the funniest people I have ever met!!!  We cracked up the whole way to Second Empire, which Bobby was convinced was an epic Chinese restaurant! Hahahahaha. We had an impromptu parking lot photo shoot!  I mean somebody look at us!


We were ushered downstairs to a cocktail hour…I chugged water like nobodies business!



Then the happy newlyweds came in!


Then Jenny and I couldn’t pass up this staircase!


We ran into Anna’s mom, Paula in the bathroom.  What a joy this woman is!!!  Everyone should know Paula.  Finally it was time to find our table…table 4!  This room was gorgeous and the flowers were to die for!


I got to sit in between my besties and with all of our buddies!


Then the speeches started!  Anna’s dad, Adam’s dad, Anna Martin and Anna Martin’s dad all made hilarious and touching speeches!


Dinner was amazing…a delish salad, steak with collards, asparagus, and mashed potatoes and the wedding cake was red velvet!


Before you knew it, the night was over!


Anna!!!  What a gorgeous bride and an amazing night!  Thank you and Adam and y’alls family and friends for such an amazing time and thank you for letting us be a part of your big day and fun reunion…who knew we knew all the same people haha xoxo!


Katie!  I love you and can’t wait to see you again!



Lets always be best friends!


And Jenny, thanks for being such a fun date #wooooLibras and sleepover buddy!



Love you all, and I love love!!!


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