Two Meatballs: Find Your Sexy!!

hello!  Jenny here!!!


Things are going just fine, hope you are doing well!!!!   Am I still paleo!???  Not exactly.  I have been adding things into my diet left and right.  I have coffee every day, usually, and preferably with half and half.   Some meals have been so amazing!  Like breakfast.  I love a breakfast full of protein, fruits and veggies.  My fav…..scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and red onions!!!



To some this meal my be odd, especially to start the day,  but it reminds me of one of my favorite breakfast foods…bagels and lox!!  Yum.     But after breakfast I fall victim to hunger pains that I feel the need to feed immediately.  Which leads to not always the best choices.  Interestingly enough, the worse I eat, I am reminded I need to workout!!   Thank god, working out has not fallen off.  So I want to make sure I am always being active, it is kind of like my insurance right now.   I don’t want to gain back anymore!!!  So I’m taking londiekins, and my butt for an up hill walk!



Dance break!


And I thnk it is a total struggle getting in my car  to go to the gym, and putting on the tank, tight pants,  funny colored shoes.


But once I am there,  usually about 5 mins into my warm up run, Kanye West blaring in my ears…..I find my sexy place!!!!   I feel strong and powerful.  I am so focused on my breathing and rhythm, I get lost in the moment…….which leads me to my obsession with Kylie Jenner!!!



My obsession is strong.  I feel like I’m in high school again.  I spent my down time this weekend, watching Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials!!!!  I also studied all of her before and after photos… It is amazing!!



My my obsession is judgment free!  her body is insane and more then anything, she has found her sexy!!





And yes, as of yesterday..haha, she is only 18!!!

wpid-wp-1439255751124.pngwpid-wp-1439255848522.pngThat buuuttttttttt!  wtf!!


What motivates me the most is being strong.

wpid-wp-1439255816416.png  And powerful thighs!!  wpid-wp-1439255761111.png


So im taking my obsession to the gym, and channeling my Kylie!!!!

wpid-20150810_193747.jpg  Kissy lips are every where!!!!!

feeling super sexy after my 2 mile run!!!

wpid-20150810_200921.jpgwpid-20150810_201316.jpg And ready to do some weights!!!!!!  Again kissy lips seem to be the key to everything!

i feel amazing.  Worked out hard today.  And this is truly when I feel my sexiest.  #loveyoukylie.  So as long as I know that to be true, I will continue to go to the gym.   Which is great, becuase working out is kind of a forever thing anyway !!!  ha,  love you guys!  Muaaahhh #givingintotheducklips




  1. I wanted to hate Kylie but I find myself constantly stalking her on social media…she is so dang pretty. #sexybootygoals #thosethighsthou

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