Two Meatballs: Girl..Do you!!!!

Hey guys!! It’s Jenny.   Things are going well!  Thanks for asking.  So I have to get this off my chest……I ate total shit this weekend.  And I have been obsessing over it.  But t that ends right now!  Moderate lifestyle tomorrow.  It feels great being able to make choices.  I don’t feel so overwhelmed about what I did yesterday.  Or hopeless.  Tomorrow will be better.  This is the dialoge I hear in my head.   So when I’m fucking up this healthy lifestyle thing,  the last thing I want to do is take a picture of it.  But now I wish I had!!!  But I kinda felt like this.


Everything I ate was huuuuge!!

We all woke up Sunday morning.  Washed, dressed……make-up on.


#mac #ladydanger #bozo #adorbs #weareinforit

clean faced…now ready to go



This is London with a gigantic pancake.




I’m sitting right next to her with the same thing!!!!  And I ate a lot of it.   but I’m letting these feelings of guilt go away right now!!!!!

So like Sara,  I am working on taking care of myself better.  I would not define myself as a workaholic.  But I  starting to noticing I don’t take enough time off for fun, travel, and quality time in general.  This is a total lack of planning anything.   I use to think It was outside of our means and irresponsible to take of work to just plan trips and play.  And at the same time, it’s that mentality of just walking through… control on.  I have nothing to look forward to, and And feel like shit with coffee all over me!!!!!


Hahaa.  This happened right before I went into work last week!!! Yuck so hot….then so cold.  Anyway……….  I think I’m going to start taking care of my mental health and book a trip.   Well with that said..opportunity arises!!!!  An exciting work trip is happening in January.


A lot of us are going to Miami for an “event of epic proportions “.   What this means I don’t know but Sara kinda said it best….think Coachella, of the hair world! So that’s happening! So exciting!!!!!  Love going out of town with my Sammie Cole family!!

And as of today,  I went ahead and booked a Disney cruise for April!!  London is going to hopefully love it, and couldn’t be more excited to do this with her!!

wpid-wp-1442277521577.png  wpid-wp-1442277516771.pngwpid-wp-1442277509920.png

Planning this trip is my new obsession!  Probably healthier thenKylie Jenner!! Right?!?!   Jk love you Kylie!   And this will be a girls only trip!!! So fuuuun.  Dede, kitty, London and myself.

Feels good to have this booked!  I have said it before, but I always have to remind myself, stop walking through life!!!!!   Yay!!! Now just need to get my nugget a passport.  Goodnight!! Xoxo






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