Two Meatballs: The hardest workout yet!!!

Sandra said!!! “Girls this is probably the hardest workout we have done yet!!!!!”  When we walked in to the gym that morning she said this workout was full of, explosive moves, I knew we were in for it.  But I have to say, I really look forward to spending this time together with Sara and Sandra every week!!  I Absolutly love working with Sandra.  She is always warm and inviting and workouts are hella hard!!!!  So of course before we got started we had to take a selfie!!!!!

wpid-20150917_075418.jpg   we look nuts!!!!!!!

wpid-20150917_075408.jpg So sweet!   love this kid!

The first thing we did was row until we got to 15 calories.  You guys……… takes a shit ton of rowing to burn 15 calories.

after that did some weighted presses, 15 to be exact!

wpid-20150917_081630.jpgwpid-20150917_081628.jpgI look nuts again!!!!

Then with the kettle bell, did a squat lift, flip and squat into it, kinda of a thing! hehehe  15 of these!


Then wall balls, 15 of these too!  15 was the lucky number that day!!


And then 15 Burpeees!!!!!!!!  the hardest of them all


We did the this whole set 4 times!!!   And by that last one, I was totally out of breath.  Sandra was really great about encouraging breaks.  so we did!  after We got our breathing under control, Sara ended the workout with some core things.  a low row and bar sir ups


And Sandra assisted me, while I did pull ups!!!  let me just say this is probably the hardest thing I have ever done before!    And I Felt it days after!!!!


but I felt like a total bad ass!!!  Thanks for pushing my outside of my comfort zone Sandy!!  love you bunches!!!    Working hard feels good!!!   hope you guys are having the best week.   And as always, thank you for all the love and support!  Cant wait to be reunited with my meatball next week!!  see ya then!

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