Two Meatballs: bugs and pumpkins!!

Hello bug fest !!!  It seems like there is something going on in downtown Raleigh every weekend.  So fun.   So this past weekend it was bug fest! A kids dream.   London hates them.  But she loves bouncy houses, face painting and ice cream.  So we have a winner!!!

wpid-20150919_164632.jpg wpid-20150919_164636.jpg wpid-20150919_165946.jpg wpid-20150919_170447.jpg


It was so hot!!!!!  She was filthy by the end of the day!


And then she was clean!!


My favorite version of children!!  Clean!


And then the next day I was ready to fall it up.

wpid-20150922_161257.jpg wpid-20150922_161348.jpg

I have been really into old movies recently.  Maybe it is just part of the changing of seasons. I also think I’m looking for new inspiration in my life!  Catching up on my icons!!! So lite up the spicy candles and ready for a movie!!!  No popcorn with this movie,  just a cup of joe!!


Recently I watched, On golden pond, Breakfast at Tiffani’s, mommies dearest, and most recently An affair to remember.



I love this time of year.  It makes me want to stay home and do every art and craft ever!!  I’m having an urge to buy every corny decoration I see.   Having a little girl makes me want to throw up fall all over our home.  London already knows about my passion for buying house stuff.  She will ask me if we are going to home goods!!!!  I have not given into the PSL ( pumpkin spice latte) craze.  It is probably the only sugary thing I am not into..thank goodness.  There are not many sugary items I don’t like.   So I found a cheap way to decorate the house!!!


With candy!!!  This dosent help with my sugar addiction.  But hopefully I won’t eat decorations! That would be depressing!!!!  London totally got behind this candy concept.

wpid-20150922_175355.jpg   wpid-20150922_175352.jpg

Fun times!!  #willnoteatmydecorations #F..PSLs #londonbridge #autum

miss you Sara!!! See you guys tomorrow!!! Xoxo



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