Two Meatballs: I might Puke!!


It feels so good to be living the meatball life again!!  Let’s kill some time with these “beautiful ” pictures!

wp-1459460645160.jpg wp-1459460631874.jpg

We have been searching for ispiration for far to long.  How did we fall so far?? I really fell back into my old ways.  I never thought this would happen.   Well,  yesterday March 31st 2016,  felt  like day one again. We worked out with our favorite girl, Sandra,  and my body told me how out of shape I was.   I felt myself burning out quicker then ever.   And it was definetly making me angry.  I remember being stronger, and moving faster.  About 30mins. Into our workout I started getting that sick feeling.  I thought I was going to puke all over the gym, I have not felt like that in a very long time.   I was instantly comforted by Sara’s present, and remembered how powerful being in this together was.  At the end of the workout, I told Sandra what a struggle this workout was.   And she was instantly fired up about getting us back there!!!  It really lit a fire inside me.   At the same time I was so happy we completed this workout and without puking.  So here we are putting in the hard work!!




wp-1459460565336.jpgwp-1459460548672.jpgwp-1459460534752.jpgwp-1459460509611.jpgwp-1459460485636.jpgWe finished!!!  First one is the hardest.  I am so excited for day 2. I know it is going to take time to get healthy again.  Excited to see what this new chapter in our journey brings.  Our readers and fellow meatballians are my inspiration right now.   I am ready to put myself first.  I deserve to feel good again!!!!!  Let’s do this Sara!!!!!  Row bitch!!!!!   Love you Sara, and Sandra for still believing in us!!!! See you soon.



  1. I’m so glad y’all are blogging again. I’ve been wondering about yalls meatball status lately. Welcome back!

    I have been struggling with my own new exercise routine since this little nugget is in my life (she’s the best 💗)
    when to go? Should I go? Workout at home? Don’t dare wake a napping baby….right? There’s germs at the kids club… Let’s just not go.

    Ughhhhhhh just give it up. You have to workout out, yea right. Duh. Stop making excuses. (That’s my own personal dialog lately 😉)
    So thanks for the encouragement friends, I’m off to the gym! 😘
    Love y’all meatballs! Take care of those bodies, you only get 1 💗💗💗

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