Two Meatballs: A Cry for Health!!!

Well hey there you guyyyyyys!!!!  Oh how I have missed theeeee!!!  Sara here.  Lately I have been in need of some major inspiration.  It feels so good when you are inspiring others and things are going great and you are losing weight, taking over the world and feeling fabulous.  You feel unstoppable and like there is no possible way that you could ever turn back.  That is what the first year of writing Two Meatballs Get Fit felt like.


So many people were reaching out and saying how we had inspired them…we even made it onto the news!!!   And I honestly had no idea that telling the world you were fat and sick of it with your best friend could help so many other people feel like they weren’t alone in this struggle called weight loss.  It helped us stay on track.  We were pulling 5 to 10 pound weight losses every single month for 6 months.  We could see and feel such a difference.  And our weight loss  became a rallying cry for how we wanted women to see themselves.  We wanted for everyone to feel loved, seen, heard, powerful, sexy and healthy.  We had a platform to champion our cause and to share the ups and downs of weight loss.  It really felt amazing.  Nowwwww, the next year of TMGF felt a little different.  So many things happened.  I realized I was an addict and that the blog had become my all consuming/exhausting addiction. I was grieving the loss of my sweet grandma and eating all the cake.


Jenny and I stopped spending as much time together and when we did we were having “cheat” days and comfort eating and indulging in all of our former fat glory instead of doing all of the things that had helped us find health in the first place.


Starting in January 2015 (at my lowest weight) my health took a major nose dive and over the course of last year I went from losing 90 pounds to two bouts of pneumonia, 1 hospital trip, 1 surgery (tonsils out boiiii)


and at least 5 rounds of steroids, shots, antibiotics and inhalers.  I can’t remember a time before now that I felt so sick for so long.  And you won’t even believe what I didn’t feel like doing during this year of sick…I didn’t feel like cooking, eating healthy or exercising!  And you won’t even believe what happened as a result of that hellish stretch.  Y’all, I have found myself back at the starting line.


I can’t pretend like it isn’t heartbreaking.


I can’t pretend like I’m not exhausted just thinking about starting over…AGAIN!


But when I take stock, I am still a changed person.  I am not running myself into the ground anymore.  When I need a break, I take it.  I don’t get as stressed out or overwhelmed like I used to.  My calendar isn’t jammed packed.  But what I’m missing so desperately is my Jenny, cooking in the kitchen together and exercising!!!  I’m just starting to feel better and 2016 isn’t so far gone that I can’t turn things around and sign back up to live my best, healthy life.


I know, I know, But we are here to reach out and ask for help.  So many of you have told us that we inspired you to get healthy and we are forever grateful for that.  We need you to pay it forward and tell us your stories!!!  We want to hear the ups and downs and how you made it through to the other side.  We need to feel the community of women and men out there that are making healthy choices, surround us with your positivity and remind us that we can do this.  I find myself reading my own posts from the first year and reminding myself that it was never easy, but it used to be so fun! We need to hear your success stories to help us find our way back to our own.  I know so many people have felt like this or feel like we do right now.  But it always helps to know you are not alone and we can all find our way to our happiest self.  My first step to feeling good again started by going to see my Chiropractor, Lauren.  I needed to tell on myself.  I have been so sick, but I can also take responsibility for my role in not feeling well.  Eating shitty and not exercising isn’t helping my cause.  It was so great to see her and feel empowered and accountable.  Next, Jenny and I decided that we needed to start writing again ASAP.  My third step was an exciting one…finding my way back to yoga.  If you’ve read the blog before you know I have a way of overdoing something until I fucking hate it.  I never hated yoga, but after making it into something that had to be won…I realized i was missing the point and wanted a break.  But that is another thing that I struggle with, taking the never-ending break!!!  Jenny had plans to celebrate her husbands birthday(HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!!!), so I reached out to my bester Kelly.  She was in and we signed up for Meg’s Flow Basics class at Bliss Body and I honestly felt relieved to be going back.  I need yoga in my life and I need to have healthy ways to spend time with the ones I love.


Kelly’s friend from high school, Jill has from day one been such an amazing supporter of the blog.  She was one of the first people who reached out and told us how much she related to the blog and how we helped her feel more confident and empowered in her own journey.  No let me say, I idolized Jill and Kelly growing up.  I mean somebody look at them!


They were so fucking cool and being 5 years younger than them I just desperately wanted to be them and be best gah damn friends.  So for Jill to be so vocally supportive was everything!  We have communicated so much through the blog and social media and her and my sister reconnected which is amazing.  So Kelly knew Jill would be in town and invited her to yoga!!!! I couldn’t have been more excited…i hadn’t seen Jill since I was in 8th grade.  This is how excited we were!!!


How do I get that bunny app!?!?!  And all of the sudden, Tuesday night was here!

Yogayyyyyyyys, it was everything!  Jill is like a long lost other sister bestie.  She is so warm and sweet and funny.  She has a great life and has found her tribe.  And how brave is it to just come to your first yoga class with no prior experience!?!  Loovvvee her!


It was so good to be back and to be together!!!  But it was hard af.  Anytime you take time off of something it is like starting over.  Being much heavier doesn’t help either, but to remember how important it is to breathe and set an intention for your practice felt like home.  Meg is the best and an hour flew by.  And a total bonus, sweet Nicole , my Samuel Cole buddy was at class too!  Look at this happy bunch!


We survived!  I felt peaceful, pumped and really sore already! Megggg!!!!  It was so great to be back in your class.  You are the living best!


Then me, Jill and Kelly went to dinner at Guasacas and talked about everything.



Jill really pumped me up about writing again.  She said everything that I needed to hear and that I was feeling called to do internally.  I want to write and more than that I need to write!  We had the best time.  Me, her and Kelly all struggle with being healthy….just like every other person on the planet.  It’s so hard to not feel all alone sometimes, but literally everyone is struggling day to day.  By the end of the meal we decided since Kelly is the President of the Meatballs Fan Club, Jill would obviously be the best choice for Vice President.  With these two in charge, Jenny and I can’t lose!  Kelly and Jill are the greatest cheerleaders and supporters that we could ever ask for.  Jenny and I are so incredibly lucky that our families and friends are so amazing!  They still believe in us even when we have epically lost our way.  What a fun night and what a great night for the soul.  I love my people oh so much and Jill, I can’t wait for our next date.  I love you so much.  Jenny and I are so glad to be back at it. What a relief!!! Xoxo to you all.


We’ll never stop…we just may have to restart a few times!!!



  1. Ermergerd!!!!! I’m so excited and happy and crying!! I couldn’t be happier that you are feeling better and inspired!!! Whenever you’re doing good I do better too!!! And I neeeeed it!!! I am so excited to read your posts! I have so intensely missed them!!!! Last night was just what I needed too!!! I love you oh so much sis!!! Jill!!!! I love that you’re on the blog!!! And VP!!!!! Share your story!!!
    Welcome back meatballs!!!!!

  2. Happy to have you ladies back!! I’ve missed your hilarity and commraderie on the road to being and staying healthy! You made starting this journey so much more of a relief after finding out I wasn’t the only one constantly thinking to myself, “I can’t be the only one who sweats this much/is this sore/can be this tired/feels this amazing!” Look forward to throwing my full support behind you both!! ❤

  3. It’s late… So this is going to be quick. 1- Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2- Can we just mention Jill’s bangs?! : ) Strength Courage Love Peace… N.

  4. So loved reading this and so missed you guys!!! Looking forward to your journey and being inspired. Love you guys and so happy you are back!!!

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