Two Meatballs: Get it in!

hello!!!!!  It’s Jenny, and I am so happy to be writing again.   So let me just get to the point.   I am so excited!  Our Disney cruise vacation kicks off in 5 days.  This vacation is centered around being in a bathing suit the whole time….. The whole time!!!!  You would think that would be motivation to get my ass in gear and try and get down as many lbs as possible.  But it hasn’t.  It kind of did the opposite.   I thought………  The cruise will be so indulgent, I’ll get super serious when I get home. I thought I kicked these old ways of thinking.  NOPE!!  So now I’m trying to get in bathing suits!!!  Not only that, I would like to be super happy about it as well.  And I’m just not.   So now it is five day until we leave and I am choosing to be happy with were I am right now,  and choose to change my mind set when I ge back.    Because at the end of the day,  I am so grateful I get to go on this trip and get in some quality time with this girl.


So I had to go bathing suit shopping,  and this is what I landed on.


It Will do.  I love a skirt.  I always feel more comfortable.  And that is all I want right now,  is to feel confident and have so much fun.  So I can achieve that with this bathing suit.  Well  if I am going to be eating poorly leading up to this vacation,  I better get to the gym.  Oh hey Sandra!  The meatballs are here!!!



We had such a great workout with Sandra that day !! I think we both felt powerful, literally. We boxed our little hearts out.  I hate you fat!!!!!  Was what I was thinking the whole time I punched.  It was great sweating and catching up with our friend.

wp-1460687163998.jpg wp-1460687160569.jpg

Love you Sandra and Sara.  Let’s do this whole thing again!  I’m ready!!! As soon as a get back for this cruise!!!  Thanks for all of your support.  Meatball life is real!!  And I will always strive to be better!!!! Love you guys!!





  1. I don’t know how I missed this!!! JENNY!! That bathing suit is adorable! I hope you had so much fun with all your girls on the cruise!! Miss you!!

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