Two Meatballs: I Don’t Think I Can Jog Anymore!?!

Goooood morning you guysssss!!!!  You probably noticed that something was tragically missing last week and you were right!!!  Sandra texted us Wednesday night to let us know she was under the weather.  Being sick is the worst!!!  So this morning I said…maybe today will be easy…then we laughed for the rest of the ride!  Cause guess what you guys…it just keeps getting harder and that is what is supposed to happen!!!  So on our drive this morning there was construction and Jenny freaked out and missed our turn!!!  I have never laughed sooooo hard…she just kept trying to turn in and then freaked out and blew right past it.  But we are both ocd early so even with the detour we were still early enough to take some selfies!


Then it was on to the ass whoopin…we def made up for missing last week!  We started our down on the matts doing 3 rounds of alternating between push ups and planking with mountain climbing legs!


Then we got onto the treadmill and Jenny ran and I briskly walked at an increasing incline for a bit!


Then we did sumo squats with a 15 lb dumbbell (12) and then something with a G squats (12) and 6 rounds of this decreasing the G squat down by 2 each round…


Then we did a back circuit alternating through back rows on the TRX, seated back rows and slam balls…for 3 rounds


Then we got back onto the mat and did crunches, elbows to knees crunches and flutter or scissor kicks for time…


Then we did 4 rounds of alternating rope slams and arm workouts…


We did the abs and ropes and arms for two rounds!!!

At some point in this we also did the treadmill thing again!!!

Then we finished up with a 5 minute choose your own adventure…bicep curls as many as you can until you cant and then tricep dips and then tricep extenstions as many rounds as needed!  I lost it and decided to get on the tire! #showoff


We survived!!!!  Love you so much Sandra!!!  You looked so glowy today!!!! Xoxoxoxo have a great weekend!!!