durham bulls

Two Meatballs: Bulls, Balls and Bikini’s!

This weather!!! The outfits just get cuter!


And the activities just get more fun…this weekend was the opener at my sisters pool!It is heaven….and also a reminder that even though I’m back on track… I have really let myself go!


This bathing suit looked a lot better when I bought it, but that is just motivation to remember where I really want to go!  This weekend was the opener at my sisters pool and it was soooo fun!  I went hard on the activity points.  I love the water, no matter how cold, but you guys…it wasn’t even that bad! And these nuggies are so fun to play with!


Look at all the calories we burned!



We had so much fun and wore ourselves out…we all got out for adult swim! #ohchildhoodmemories



We had some snacks!



I will admit, I indulged in a cronut…it was interesting but I was not a fan #notworthit

We even had time for some selfies!



After 3 hours baking in the sun, it was time to hide in the shadows as I was already burnt to a crisp!  We went back to Kellys house to have a super yummy and healthy cookout!  I snuggled with Chase. #ibroughtmydishpremade


And proceeded to pass the fuck out while everyone else worked hard #yikessorryguys Then dinner was served! Immmmmm Yummmmmm!


Chase wanted LOTS of alone time tonight!


All of the sudden it was late and bedtime. The next morning I got ready for more family time…Kelly, Chase and Wyatt were coming to get me to meet my salon to watch a Durham Bulls game!



It was so disgustingly hot!



I love spending time with my work family outside of the salon.


And I got to meet Taylors sweet baby!!!!


Look at that angel!  Look at all the fun was had! Getting to spend time with my actual family was just icing on the cake #donteatitsara



This was all the meatballs a couple of years ago!


We really have changed!!!!


It was soooooo hot and we were all burnt from yesterday that we bounced very quickly! And spent the rest of the afternoon watching Matilda…my all time favorite book/movie!


Then they took me home and we got so tickled bc I shared with the kids that my ultimate 33rd birthday fantasy is to have a massive food fight.  I’m talking full scale, no holds barred food motherfucking fight! And we got so tickled bc Kelly would ruin it by obsessing over the mess and we got so detailed on how to execute it and then we all lost our shit!


You guys, it was the living funnest weekend.  I managed to work out, eat healthier than I have been  in a long time and see all of my families.  Now I can’t wait for Memorial Day fun!  I’m feeling so much better and in such a better place. I really want to feel proud again and see and feel the actual progress of hard work. I want to remember how hard this is and that it takes commitment. I love to feel proud and I feel so relieved to want to get healthy again.  I got worried there for a second that I was going to see 300 again.  If you guys have been reading the blog for awhile, you know that 3’s have been my enemy that haunted my weight loss journey in the past.  I would get stuck right at 30 pounds lost and then gain it all back and more.  Then I got stuck right above 300 pounds and just couldn’t  get below it.  Then I blew it out of the fucking water, got down to 250 and the pressure of losing 90 pounds literally crushed me. It feels so nice to want this again.  I’m back baby.  I love y’all!