Two Meatballs: A Spahhhhhhhhh-mazing Weekend!

So Jenny has been out of town for almost a week now!


Ugh!!!  But I’ve done a lot to keep myself busy!  I’ve started embracing my curls and killing fashion!



Saw an old pal of Kelly’s and a Meatball supporter!



Swimming with my babies!




Then, I had a yummy date with my sister at Zest!  We split the CC, my newest obsesh!  Aren’t we the cutest!?


Then, me and Lauren had some fun with curtains!



I went and worked out with Sandy!



I’ve been cooking up a healthy storm!


Anna and I tried the new healthy restaurant in Raleigh, Kamado Grille!


Give this place a few more weeks…they had some major kinks to work out…like giving Anna salad dressing….ever!


Then Kelly and I had a brilliant idea…lets go to the beach for a weekend.  We booked a room and at Zest realized we hadn’t even looked up the weather.  We looked it up and there were lightning bolts on every single day! Ugh so we cancelled that…no need to make that mistake twice am I right ladies!? So then we had the most brilliant idea of all time!


Time for a spa weekend!  This is always my dream…go to The Umstead, spend the night, lay by the pool, get spa services and room service!  And we made it happen!  First we spent friday night together going to the mall, dinner and having a Melissa McCarthy movie marathon!


Then Saturday morning we packed our stuff…


And headed to my favorite relaxation spot on earth….


Look at this view!


Quick change!


And we are off to the most gorgeous pool!


Can you feel how relaxed we are!?!?  Then we spent some time enjoying our beautiful room before heading off to our spa treatments!


On our way, we did the self guided art tour!


And stopped every single person to take a picture of us!


We signed in and were given a tour of all the amenities that came along with our spa visit…there was a lounge…


A whirlpool…


A sauna…



A steam room…can you find us!?


Bahahahah!  And then there was the I don’t remember what she called it shower that was 72 degrees!


I didn’t think that 72 degrees was cold….it is!  But it felt amazing! And it felt like standing under a waterfall! This was my fav!  Our tour guide Anna was the living best!


We grabbed some spa water and headed to the ladies lounge…it was almost time for my Milk and Honey Wrap and Kelly’s Swedish Massage!


Then, Derrick, the greatest man who has ever lived came and got me and brought me to the treatment room…first stop, the bathroom…this is a 75 minute treatment and mommas got 2 bladders!



Even the bathroom is amazing and thank gah I wore unders bc these robes were a little snug for this meatball. #getittogetherumstead

Derrick gave me a dry brushing, sugar scrub, wiped it off with hot towels, slathered me in milk and honey, wrapped me up tight and then gave me an epic foot massage.  Then I hopped down and took an incredible shower with water coming at me from every direction.  Rich people, is this what your life is like….I want in!!!!  Then I dried off, hopped back in the bed and he rubbed me down with lotion.  HEAVEN i tell you.  He didn’t want to get in trouble by taking all the pictures I was begging him to take, so I just snapped this one of the heavenly bed after I was done!


75 minutes was way to short and he told me that most people book a massage immediately following a body treatment #dammit #nowyoutellme so next time that is happening for sure.  This was the best exfoliation I have ever had, I had baby skin!!!  Then I went out to the meditation garden to wait for Kelly!


This place is soooooo beautiful and calming!



Kelly loved her massage!  We then went back to the room and ordered room service!


To cut costs, we ordered from the kids menu!



I love room service!  Everything was super yummy!  Then we just talked all night and watched SNL and went to bed somewhat early!  Then next morning Kelly got a facial and I took a bath and a shower in our room!!!  It was so indulgent…i need to remodel my house!  Then we went to the pool before we bid the Umstead farewell!



It was hot this day!  And before you knew it, it was over!  We packed up and paid the bill!

Goodbye Umstead…it was a pleasure, it was spaaaaantastic, spaaaunbelievable, spaahhhhnowedidnt, spaaaaahhhhyeswedid!  It closing, it was Spapendous!  What an amazing way to spend time with your bester.  Alone time is such gift and doing it at the Umstead was such a well needed splurge!   We just got to talk for hours and be together and I just love you Kelly.  Spending time with you is my happy place you little angel.  Xoxo times infinity. Until we spa again in Pinehurst!   Jenny, come home!  Love you guys!


Two Meatballs: Pampered Chef

Ok sooooo, Sara and I really do well when we plan out the week. Especially our meals.  Having food prepared keeps us both on track.  So I left work with Sara’s house key and threw her chicken into the crockpot. Check. Cross it off the list!  So I thought we were being so productive. I would just show up at her house that night and have fun finishing the meal together. So I came in and the chicken smelled aaaaaaammmmazing!!!! I sat on her couch and got into such a deep conversation about how we were both feeling!!! Unexpected turn of events!! Oh and it gets worse,  after all this talk of how exhausted we were, we talked our selves into blizzards at DQ!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh Our dirty secret is out!!!!!!!!  We got back to the house and both had an overwhelming feeling of regret!!!!!  We felt so disappointed in ourselves, which lead to a deeper conversation of, “what are we doing”?   This conversation felt so different then any other in the past.  We both want this and want it for the other.   We Are so strong together, but we both easily slip into the others dark place and give in.  But not anymore!!!!!!!  We are capable of change!!!  We have come so far!!!!!  Today was a new day, we both feel strong and empowered!  We cooked today and followed our plan!!! Love you Sara, thanks for being on this ride of self discovery with me!!!  So here is this yummy recipe for tonight’s meal……Honey garlic chicken and roasted carrots and mushrooms!!!



Lets fucking cook Sara!!!!

wpid-20141112_222501.jpg wpid-20141112_222511.jpg wpid-20141112_223149.jpgwpid-20141112_223629.jpgwpid-20141112_222622.jpg



Half way through we got really fired up just looking at past fatty pictures on sara adorable collage on her refrigerator.


Then we got really distracted and walked around in one boot each….omg whos’s who????? #lifeofa4




Sara and I were so distracted with our conversation we didn’t even take a picture of this chickkkkkeen!!! so here is a generic one!



and our veggies!!!!!!

wpid-wp-1415851877170.jpgwpid-20141112_232121.jpg wpid-wp-1415850876453.jpg

Now onto the pampering!!!!  Hi guys it’s Sara!!!  It was a night full of high school revisits!!!  My super best girl friend from Sanderson, Jaclyn Devita and I went to dinner while Jenny was finishing up her shift at work before the cooking began!  We hadn’t hung out in 12 YEARS!!! Which is the craziest thing everrrrrr.  But we didn’t skip a beat. We had a great dinner at North Ridge Pub and caught up on everything.  Shout out to our favorite bartender and buddy Keyvin!!!!  We love you and your support!!!  Xoxo.  I am so grateful to have always had such strong and positive women in my life and it was the living best hanging out again!  Backstreet Boys were our obsession back in the day (she loved nick, I loved kevin) and ironically enough quit Playing Games with My Heart played as we ate our healthy dinners!!! Jack is in the nutrition and wellness world so it was fun picking her brain.  We chatted about staying healthy, our time at NC State, our families and the anamoly that is dating in the world of technology! She is also a successful and single woman so it was so nice to be on the same page!!!  Ugh literally can’t wait to see you again Jack!!!

wpid-20141112_201412.jpg wpid-img_20141112_203839.jpg

So then, my  other sweet high school pal Jennifer Orr Compton reached out awhile back and said that she loved the blog and would love to send Jenny and myself some mini facials to pamper ourselves from Rodan + Fields!!!  She sent the sweetest little package! Look at all the goodies!


Inside were two little packages and a sweet note with instructions!


And after sweating over the oven, we needed a little brightening and refreshing!  Both Jenny and I are terrible about a skin routine!  The best I can do these days is use a MAC face wipe before bed!!!  We started by exfoliating(this smelled like heaven and felt even better, Then a calming night serum and then a hydrating lip serum!



We both feeeeel amazing!!!  Something to consider for sure!  Thanks so much for reaching out Jennifer!!!  She sent along some info in case anyone would like to get a skin care system of their own!!!  Happy shopping!!!  Love y’all!



And to Jenny, I am so thankful every single day to have such a wonderful, judgement free relationship of mutual love and respect with you! It feels so amazing to dig deep and find out what is at he core of it all.  I love rediscovering ourselves together on this super challenging journey and striving to become better people.  You are the best and I love you so much!