i am so frickin excited

Two Meatballs: I Could NOT Be More Pinterested!!!!

Did you see what I did there!? #clevergirl #thatoneisforyoukristina Me and Jenny have been on super opposite schedules lately and it has been hard to get together, but don’t worry we are working out with sweet Sandy tomorrow and cooking segments will make a sexy return very soon!  In the meantime, whats a gal to do with herself while trying to relax more in her off time!?  Ummm, spend countless hours watching HGTV while simultaneously pinteresting my life away.


You guys, honestly nothing makes me happier!!!!! #worstangle #noupshots I get in my little nook on the couch and  start a pinning away.  You know Jenny and I love an obsession and as she has been day dreaming of Kylie Jenner’s style, I’ve been drooling over new home ideas.  Mom and dad took me to 100,000 open houses when I was a kid, which I loved #babyvoyeur and there was no shortage of Martha Stewart magazines littering the house.  I have been obsessed with real estate and interior design from the word go…so creative!  Over the years I have made many changes to my home, putting in hardwoods downstairs, getting my ceilings smoothed, 1,000 paint jobs, lots of new furniture, appliances, frequent bedroom facelifts and no shortage of revolving art installations!  I have no shortage of ideas of what I want to change now.  I’m in a real pink and gold phase of my life and I’m itching to give my house a pick me up.  Here are all of my  current home dreams:

It is time for this carpet to go!!!



And here is what I want!




The living room is pretty great, I spend most of my time in here and it makes me so happy, it is the most me room in the house besides the shocking pink bathroom.  But, you know I love pink so I’m thinking just some paint, reupholstered chairs and swap put some accent colors in here! And don’t worry, I didn’t clean up AT ALL for the befores…makes for better afters!



This is the direction I want to go!


So pretty right and I like to think,  a grown up pink!  Now onto my cluster eff of a laundry “room”…i hate this dumb space.  This is a super minor facelift.  I just need to completely clean it out and switch up how I store thinks, maybe a cute backsplash type thing!



Look at this beauty!


And this sad pantry!



This is my literal fantasy!


In the kitchen I replaced all the appliances last year, now I just want some subway tile, new countertops, paint, paint cabinets and some light fixtures!



This is what I love!


The dining room I want to do a dark navy blue with a different table with mixed seating.


wpid-20150826_201237.jpg wpid-img_20150826_213136.jpgwpid-img_20150826_211821.jpg

I want to give my sad little office a facelift!  This is all cosmetic!



I love all of these sooo much!


This last pic really got me going!  I love everything about it.

Then my third bedroom is real sad right now.  I donated my childhood single bed to Wyatt since he had outgrown his bunk beds…so I’m thinking Closet!!!



Wouldn’t these be everything!?


My bedroom is pretty much my dream, I just want to ditch the dark navy(this is the navy I’m thinking for my bedroom!) and get some lighter neutrals in there.



Look how luscious!


My closet just needs refiguring!



This organization is appealing!


My bathroom is the bane of my existence and  where the mold was found…time for tile!  Also, this tiny space is already cut into two with a big stupid, useless wall.  My dream is to personally tear that shit down, myself! See the wall, doesn’t it make you so mad!



These are everything:


I am so obsessed with penny tile!  And I love these gold accents.

The middle bathroom just needs to be modernized!




and lookey here!


A little shelving above the loo would be everything!  These are all my dreams!  I just get so excited every time I look at these beautiful images and they feel so right and homey to me!!! So what now?!  Well, I’ve been pretty financially responsible.  My credit score is 816.  I bought a house at 22 and I’ve taken full advantage of my retirement funds.  I could use a little tightening of my day to day budget, but it would be worth it to really love my home even more than I already do. For my health and for my happiness, I need to make my home more of a safe haven and sanctuary.  I’ve worked hard and it has paid off…


Hahahaha, I love my boss! Now it’s time to do something! I’m not going to do anything crazy, I don’t want to price myself out of my own neighborhood, but I’m thinking of starting with the most health beneficial items on my list.  Bye bye carpet, hello tile in bathrooms, my kitchen (since I’ll be in there cooking all the time ;)) and then some cosmetic stuff! My next move is to make an appointment with a contractor and get some quotes.  I could not be more excited right now.  I literally can’t wait to give y’all an update.  Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on pinterest! Xoxoxoxoxo