Two Meatballs: Does the Fun Ever Stop?!?

You guyyys, I love my job… soooooooo much.  I learn something new everyday.  I have a mentor whom I am so in love with.  The owners are incredible.  My team is the shit.  We are one big, happy family and you’re right…it’s sickening! Hahahahaha.  We had fun at the Bulls game for the 2 seconds that we were there!  And this Tuesday we got to reunite for the funnest reason.  Jesse Taylor from v76 came to the salon to give us a little schoolin’ in mens grooming.  First, let me say what a lovely gent this fella was…and handsome to boot!


As you know Jenny is amazing at the Doppleganger game and she knighted him Christian Bale…#nailedit  Jesse is the nephew of the Rudy’s Barber Shop empire and a hell of a talented guy, personal stylist to Adam Levine annnnnd joined the v76 education team and LBP family that we are so in love with.  This line is amaze and the class was so inspiring!


We farmed our models from our own team…Jack and Dustin!


We learned so much…


Had oh soooo many aha moments…


And look at these before and afters…minds were blown and lives were changes!


I am beyond thankful to be a part of such an amazing team so driven for education


and part of such an amazing product family that never ceases to inspire.  Thank you so much for coming in Jesse!  My favorite line was, “Bitch, you’ve been retired for years.” Ha!!!!  Loved you, can’t wait to learn more from you…and get that water bottle! #nextlevelshit


And on a Meatball victory note, Grogan brought in Gigi’s cupcakes from her sisters wedding and we resisted! #theultimatevictory


And super double bonus, I got to hang out with my bestie…I can’t believe I get paid to live my dream!


Then, after a crazy busy day at work I had an awesome cousins date planned with my sis and Kristina!!!  We went to an old favorite, Zest and I was determined to eat healthy and finally say no to myself and dig my self out of this fat hole!  I love these people soooo much!  Look how presh!


I ordered the CC, it was the cashew crusted chicken with sweet potato scallion pancakes and the yummiest chopped veggie topping! Home motherfuckingrun.


Kelly got the Mediterranean Lettuce Wraps which were eh!


And Kris got a Shrimp, Pork Belly and Noodle dish!


But the food paled in comparison to the stories, dreams about Grandma and Larry, kids and family catch up time, round tables, work stories and most importantly laughter! We were having such a great time, I can’t even remember what this hysterical laughter mesh was about!


We spent almost 2 hours catching up and just crying we were laughing so hard.  They both have the most contagious laughter.  I love you guys so much!  We should hang out more…like get a coffee 😉 Kristina!  We literally had to force ourselves to leave, but I want to spend every waking moment with you two #sistersforlife #teamapple #datenight #whydontwedothismoreseriously

Zest also has a beautiful shop inside and I found this gem!


Also, lately Jenny and I have been having mad meatball sightings and it is absolutely MAKING OUR LIVES! First, last week 2 of Tiffanies clients stopped us at the salon and literally gushed…it always makes me want to sit on their laps and hug and talk forever!  First Blair snagged us for a pic #dreamsdocometrue and then Danielle got one with Jenny later!



Huge shout out and thank you to Tiffy for being a meatball sharer! We love you Tif!!!!

Then I got my nails done and one of my dear stylist friends, Michelle #xoxomylittlerobot had posted our blog on Facebook and her fabulous florist friend said hello and that she loved the blog! #swoon Thennnnnnn, to complete this full circle, when my sister and I walked into Zest, Jenny’s client Blair said, “I’m sorry, I just have to say I love your blog!” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels so amazing to meet people who read and like what you write!  Thank y’all so much for reaching out!  It is the warmest hug of life.  Anywho, the Apple Cousins parted ways but it was such a fun, healthy, informative, loving, lovely, self esteem boost of a day!


Now, I’m off to the beach for Memorial Day!  Happy holidays and we love y’all so much!



Two Meatballs: It’s Chilly…Chili Time!!!

Sooooo, today we had the amazing Coby from Oribe come in to Samuel Cole Salon and teach an unstructured bob class!!!  Cutting classes are so fun!!!! We love dressing up for these events!  Especially with our new found fashion options! #meatballsinleather


We love classssss soooo much!


And we love being with our team!


But most of all we love to learn!!! Here is our front desk model, Nicole’s before pic!



And here is a montage of the magic that is Coby! #cryptkeepers


Look at this after!!! #sexual


Thanks for such an awesome class Coby!!!!  We love you!!!


Now….since we had class today and are going back in tonight for an R+Co app launch, our boss Joelle decided we should have a chili cook off!!!!  These meatballs signed up right away!!!  You know, since we are such seasoned (get it!?) paleo chefs now!  So we went on Pinterest and decided to go for a white chicken chili!!!  Why not right!?


So in the break between classes we bopped over to Whole Foods to grab a few last minute ingredients!


Then on to my house for a little cooking segment! #heykelly Here is everything you need to win a contest hopefully!


This is our wishful thinking and we are setting our intentions for the win!


#dontyouwishmytanktopsaidbonjovi?! #jennyisyourshirtonbackwards!?

Time to set the mood!




Onto the cooking!!! Time to chop!


Time to dump!!!



Now time to simmer…and get cozy! #ilovesnuggletime


Ding!!!  Chili is ready!  My house smells amazing and it looks yummy!


Now it’s back to work and game time…the competition looks stiff!


Class time!  We are the beta testers for an R+Co App!!! We are literally one of only two salons in the country who get to guinea pig this app!!!!


SO excited about this app!!!  Nowwwwwww on to the competition…we are in it to win it!!!


A vote for number 4 is a vote for health!!!  OMG it was soooooo fucking spicy you guys!!! The judges made their way to our station. Fingers crossed! We shmooozed it up!!!  Bonus points!?!  Ps it was supposed to be anonymous but we wouldn’t stop campaigning! #canyousmellthedesperation #ohwaitthatsjustaroomfullofchili #wholefartsnotwholefoods #cockpot


And the winner is….3rd to Katie, 2nd to Libby and 1st to Lauren! Wait whattttttt?! Our completely unconventional coconutty spice land of chili wasn’t a home run!? #choppedherewecome


So we were forced to fight dirty for it…


JK!  Lauren you totally deserved it!!!


Who gets to have this much fun at work!?!! Best work family ever!!! #sammiecoleforlife