Two Meatballs: Art You Kidding ME?!?

Hello world, Sara here!!! What a great week it’s been!!! After I posted last week, Jenny came over and we did our favorite thing, talked and snuggled forever!


Thank goodness for SnapChat filters…this was not a pretty day haha! While she was over, I made us raspberry turmeric smoothies…so tart and delish!


Then I did my cooking for the week!

This week I made another migas scramble without the rotisserie chicken this time, bacon, spicy roasted sweet potato wedges, roasted cabbage with spinach, mushrooms and chicken sausage, burrito bowls with guacamole and a tuscan chicken bake!!!  Work was amazing, I celebrated International Women’s Day,

#hisarah, spent time with my boo and then, I felt like I blinked and the weekend was almost here!

Thursday night I stopped by my parents house after work.  Kelly and the kids were there too!  Kelly told mom about a craft fair at the State Farmer’s Market and they decided to go.  They sweetly asked me and told me that they were going to get going at 8 am.  Now 8 isn’t like the earliest time ever, but I like to be lazy on Saturdays!!!!  So I made a face…


And politely declined.  Mom and Kelly do all kinds of fun things together that just aren’t my jam…The Christmas Parade, antiquing…you know!  And it wasn’t even that I don’t like crafts…it was just the early morning thing.  Something that I know to be true about myself is that since my life with work and all of my outside of work appointments is so scheduled, sometimes I have a hard time committing to actual plans…even when I want to do them!  But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go!  I love my family, I love crafts and I HATE TO MISS OUT! So Friday afternoon after another amazing facial with Kat from Rosehips Studios, I called my mom and asked if I could spend the night.  I love a sleepover and I knew that if I were already there I would go on their adventure!  We had such a fun sleepover; we had Guasaca for dinner…


we watched a documentary on the Avett Brothers, listened to music, watched SNL reruns and enjoyed each others company!  The next morning mom made the yummiest breakfast…


Then, Kelly picked us up and we were off.  I was instantly glad I said yes!!! We got coffee (Starbucks for me and mom, Cup of Joe for Kelly) and got to the craft fair in no time!  It was FREEEEEEZING and a little windy.  But don’t you just love the Farmer’s Market??!!  I love looking at the fresh produce, the herbs and plants…fantasizing about my non- existent indoor garden!  But this day…there was ALL OF THE ART! My mom, sister and I all have a deep love for the arts.  We love movies, books, music, plays, arts, crafts…you name it we love it.  I sometimes forget that we are all so similar.  We had so much fun, looking at EVERYTHING and shopping!


We found all of these cool animal works of art from a super friendly artist names Joseph!  We met another artist, Karen from Wake Forest and fell in love with her stuff as well! We all ended up leaving with something special from both artists!!! Here is mom’s stash…

And Kelly’s…

And mine…


I love what everyone got and I love that we all have something from the same artists in our homes.  I also got earrings, a beautiful bowl and these magnets from the coolest lady on the planet!!!


Y’all know how I love a pun!  This lady is obsessed with puns and 90’s hip hop, I mean, did we just become best friends!? #yup Her store is called The Peppermill Shop and she is based in Wilmington.  Look at this hilarious cut out she had…we couldn’t get enough #idontcarrotall


Take Two:


The morning flew by and I shopped my heart out and loved spending the day with my mom and sis.  We had so much fun that we met dad at Kelly’s house to do some projects…this next segment is called…How many Beards does it take to change a mailbox!? #toomany #splitthewood #28extensioncordswerentenough

Kelly needed a new, nice mailbox and so the family pitched in…and by pitched in I mean I took selfies…


provided comic relief by asking everyone who walked by to help us and I also held up the mailbox for when Betty came by and we weren’t yet ready!

And viola…new mailbox!!!


Kelly and dad are so much alike, it’s hilarious to watch them tackle a project together!



What a fun day with my family!!! I spent the rest of the day DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, besides ordering groceries!

IMG_20180310_171010_696.jpgThen I woke up this morning thinking I had gotten up so early…totally forgot about Spring Forward! I have to say though, I know we lost an hour and I probably won’t get much sleep tonight, but I LOVE that it will be lighter, later…I am solar powered!  My mom came over to keep the project tackling going!  Last weekend her and I bought chalk paint for an old flaky vanity that is in my room.  She painted it and her and my dad dropped it off yesterday.  Today, I organized it and I couldn’t be more in love!


I’m so in love.  The color is perfect and I’ve never felt so organized…I’m sure this will be the only day it looks this good, but I’ll take it.  Thank you so much mom!!!  Then we tackled more closet organization and continuing to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear anymore!  Then I spent the rest of the day cooking to prepare for the upcoming week!  This week on the menu, homemade sausage, sautéed carrots and shallots, enchilada bowls with cauliflower rice and homemade pico and potsticker burgers with asian cole slaw and spicy butternut squash fries…

I haven’t made the burgers and fries yet…but they are going to be so good, I just know it!

And on one last final note before I go, I have officially lost 51 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20180311_192404.pngI feel so good and so motivated and so proud.  Thank you for all of your support.  Love you all to the moon and back.  Lesson learned…make the plans, spend the time with the people you love and eating healthy works. Until next time,