Two Meatballs: Suspended to Sarandoned

Hiiiiiiii!!!! Well, we had a really busy week! We got naked and revealed our weights, which we had no idea what a hit that would be! As of today over 6,000 people have viewed us in our skivies! We’ve had so many people who we think have smokin’ hot bodies tell us that they would never do what we did. I’m not sure if we are crazy brave or total idiots but we made a pact to be completely honest…and this is as full disclosure as you can get.


We just had no idea that this was going to take off like this. We thought our co-workers would think we were dumb but that it was funny and that’s about it…and our families of course! But our clients have reached out…even bringing in swag bags of healthy snacks!


People we haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet have started following us on instagram and pinterest…we were getting tons of messages about inspiring people and words of encouragement…we were starting to really feel like our message of empowerment and self acceptance and the path to healthy could possibly reach a really big audience. So…we decided to hit social media…HARD! I have never felt older and more unintelligent than trying to figure out fucking Twitter! But we got our groove pretty quickly. The plan was to tweet celebrities who we admire, who have struggled with weight issues or who support healthy body image and try to get them to support us. We instantly thought of Melissa McCarthy, Oprah, Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Gabourey Sidibe, Demi Lovato (this list is literally 80 people long). And we actually got some responses which only fed the fire in us to keep going!


That sounds so totally innocent right???!! WRONG!!! That is when we received this message:


Followed by a very stern letter of warning that if we continued “spamming” our account would be permanently deleted! So we humbly apologized…we just didn’t know we couldn’t do that…I mean what the hell is Twitter then (by the way, follow us @meatballsgetfit)?!?


So they reinstated us and just in time because then this AMAZING thing happened. Right before we got suspend we reached out to Susan Sarandon!!!


And she fucking RESPONDED!!! What a lovely woman and how amazing for her to take the time to say something so lovely. #arewefamousyet?! Cloud nine feels amazing…it feels a lot like getting healthy with your super best buddy! We have a mission people!!!! We want to find every outlet that will have us so we can speak to the millions of people who feel like being healthy, happy, worthy, sexy, confident or courageous isn’t for them! If we can do this, anyone can do this!!! Ok so enough soap boxing here! In the haste of taking over the world of social media…I’ve made soooooo many autocorrect errors…which is making me sound like the dumbest dumb dumb of all time. Zoom in on the Gabourey post. I SAID WELL YOU HELP IS?! Ugh!!!!!!!! Lesson of the day…slow down, you can’t take it back once it’s on the interwebs! Once again everyone, thank you so much for your support. You honestly have no idea what it means to us. Please help us continue to get the word out by following us in our many endeavors on social media:
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And also remember how we had 6k views of that one post?! Well we only actually have 253 likes on Facebook and even sadder…we only have 21 followers on the blog! Wah wahhhhhh. So if you could please go to and click follow that would be amazing!!!! It will ask you for an email address so that you can be updated when we have a new post. Thank you again everyone and as always, these meatballs love you.


  1. Dying!!! Crying laughing!!! Your tweet to Gaborey (sp?) Is so funny!!!! But not as funny as somebody needs attention!! Ugggg I love you the most!!!”

  2. Hello girls! So excited for you on this journey. Have been reading your blog faithfully and love your voice and the progress you have made so far. Love you Sara, keep up the good work and look into The Produce Box. They deliver fresh, nutritious fruits and veggies right to your door weekly. Might be helpful on your journey. I can’t wait to see the next post!!

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