Two Meatballs: Get Lean (aka the 2nd Weigh In)

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It’s that time again you guyyyyyyyys! The big question is how did we do?!

weight loss plus size

Did we gain, did we lose….ugh, did we stay exactly the same???!!!!

weight loss

We’ve been working so hard and its finally time to see the results…..Drum roll please!!!!

weight loss plus size

Here we go!!!!!

weight loss plus size weight loss paleo success


I am soooo much more comfortable doing this this time…if you’ll remember last time was my nightmare!   This makes me feel really good, this is encouraging when you see results and you know that your hard work is paying off!  I am so grateful that I was able to work out with Sandra Axman!!!!   That crazy ass workout really pushed me over the edge.  This week has been really exciting, I’ve had so many friends and family members get really pumped for this weigh in… Things get really real, when even your boss’s are are cheering you on and waiting to see the post!!  We are such a close family at work!!!!  This is all just a good excuse to buy cute undies!!!!  Well on to the next month and the rest of my life!!!!! This would never be the same without having my best buddy by my side, constantly inspiring me!  Sara, I fucking love you!!!!

weight loss success paleo weightloss success twomeatballsgetfit plus size models


I don’t know if I have ever felt this gooooooood!  And for sooooo many reasons. I’m losing weight the right way, I’m exercising, sticking to it  and actually  seeing results!!!  The support that you guys are pumping out is so amazing too and it makes us want to keep going.  I really had to give myself a pep talk this morning about resetting my expectations.  The first weigh in is always huge and I can’t expect those numbers each time!  10 more pounds are gone forever and I am marching right towards my goal!  The next goal is to get under 300!!!!!  I don’t think I could ever really express what your outpouring of support means to me and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys to the moon!!!! And to Jenny…you look amazing and I didn’t know I could be any more in love with you!!!!

Plus size modeling plus size


And last but not least…the much anticipated OUTTAKES!!! And as always thank you soooo much Brandon!!! Also if you like what you see…which lets be honest…you do(winky face)…PLEASE REPOST ON FACEBOOK! Help us get one step closer to Ellen!!!!#didyougetthebonethugsnharmonyreferencehaha  #yourwelcome #whyarewesocute #nobodyshame #twinlegs #superbestbuddies #twomeatballsgetfit

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