Two Meatballs: Gettin’ Zesty!!!

It’s been soooo long since we cooked!!!!  I think the last time was the BBQ fail!!!!!  So tonight, in an effort to stay on track we wanted to start the week out right!!!!  And how better to do that than MEXICAN food!  The last time I cooked in my crock pot I almost set my house on fire and ended up with two charred hockey pucks…lesson learned…the more fluid the better!  So tonight we did Salsa Verde Chicken, Mexican Cauliflower Rice and for dessert Fried Honey Bananas!!!  And everything was yumlicious!!!!  First off let me apologize for my intense level of ugly tonight…I had a long weekend but somehow Jenny managed to look adorable…thanks bitch. JK love you.  Ok so here is the recipe for the slow cooker chicken…


I realized after the fact its hard to read…but 2-3 lbs of chicken breasts plus 16 oz salsa verde and put it in a crock pot on low for 5-6 hours and ta-done!


Then we needed a little mood music…enter Big Boi….


Then we started on the Cauliflower Mexican Rice…

wpid-screenshot_2014-08-10-15-09-40.pngwpid-screenshot_2014-08-10-15-11-29.png wpid-20140810_202851.jpgwpid-20140810_203706.jpgwpid-20140810_203710.jpgwpid-20140810_204506.jpgwpid-20140810_204524.jpgwpid-20140810_204925.jpgwpid-20140810_204928.jpgwpid-20140810_205118.jpg

Then on to dessert with Jenny!!!

wpid-screenshot952014-08-10-21-23-11.pngwpid-screenshot952014-08-10-21-23-40.png wpid-20140810_202548.jpgwpid-20140810_202555.jpgwpid-20140810_203024.jpgwpid-20140810_203549.jpgwpid-20140810_203841.jpgwpid-20140810_204553.jpgwpid-20140810_205108.jpg

These were yummy!!!!

Here is our final result!!!  We added Trader Joe’s corn salsa and spicy guacamole to our dish!!!!



Everything was soooo goooooood!!!!!  We hope you enjoy! Xooxoxoxoxoxoxo Here is one final filthy haired image to haunt your dreams!



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