Two Meatballs: Two Balls and a little lady…….Sandra!

Woooooooooooof!  You guysssssss,  this workout today was intense!!!!  We were so happy when it was done, and could look back and appreciate it! And as always  we jackassed around as long as we could before we went completely silent.

wpid-20140814_075155.jpg   wpid-20140814_075050.jpg wpid-20140814_075128.jpg wpid-20140814_075121.jpg  wpid-20140814_075104.jpg

It was so gorgeous outside so of course we started with a jog outside as a warm up for 2 mins.

wpid-20140814_080812.jpg wpid-20140814_080803.jpg wpid-20140814_080759.jpg

After that we squated  and shuffled across the parking lot for 2 mins.


And then skipped around the parking lot for 2 mins.


After this we were both starting to feel our hearts race.  I looked at Sara and I could see her asthma was taking over today, especially being outside.   I  could tell she was going to push through it but it was going to be rough and I just wanted to hold her!!!!!!   So we were released to know we were moving inside.

we then did a rotation of three different things,  lunges with kicks on the TRX

wpid-20140814_081137.jpg wpid-20140814_081140.jpg

Then we did full body push ups?!?  You push up from a laying down position.

wpid-20140814_081304.jpg wpid-20140814_081250.jpg

And then hit the punching bag with a weighted bar.

wpid-20140814_081155.jpg All of this was timed and done twice.

So on to the next group of things!!!!!!!!!!!!

sledge hammer slams on the tire timed.

wpid-20140814_082437.jpg wpid-20140814_082535.jpg

And step biceps with 15 lbs



And then 25 sit ups on the medicine ball, which I fell off of!!!!


And  we worked out out triceps on the TRX


And then moved to the steps


And then suitcase lifts

wpid-20140814_084108.jpg    wpid-20140814_084308.jpg

Then it was on to the core, planking on the ball!!



Sit ups with toes reach


Flutter kicks


And scissor  kicks


And we were doooonnnneeee!!!


This was such an ass kicker!!!! Sandra is the best. We love you!!!!     And I love Sara !!! She really kicked ass that day.  I know how hard it was after her asthma kicked in.  But you didn’t bitch out! Love you and your personal commitment to our journeys!!!



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