Two Meatballs: Dinner with a Side of Bon Voyage!

Saturday night was sooo much fun for these meatballs!  First we took our sweet friend Cara out for a long overdue thank you dinner.  She shot our sixth and most succesful (based on views) weigh in to date!


We love you Cara.


And what better way to show that love than with Foie Gras!?  Welcome to date night at Coquette!


The girls had yummy cocktails and wine while I sipped on my water!!!  Cara had foie gras, Jenny had the duck and you guys aren’t even going to believe it but I had my favorite…steak frites. It was packed so we ate at the bar and had sooo much fun catching up.  We used to hang out every single weekend and it had been ages since the three of us went to dinner. #nostalgia Blast from the past became the theme for the night! Love you Cara and thanks again!!!


Before we left we ran into one of my favorite clients, Catherine and her family and friends!  Then we went into the bathroom and ran into one of my sisters high school friends/huge meatball supporter, Gwen!


It was so great to catch up!!!  So great in fact that we invited Gwen and her husband Billy (Ben and Gwilly) to come meet us at our next stop where my sister was waiting…Saints and Scholars for our sweet friend Kristi Kessler’s going away party! And they came! #thanksforallthesupportwiththeblogyall


Kristi has worked with Jenny and myself at the salon for years and is now moving to Florida!  We have spent soooo many fun nights with this girl!!!  So many drunken parties at Saints, kitchen kareokee at my house #ificouldturnbacktime, late nights at Cookout, baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and so much more! Here is a little stroll down nights with Kristi past!



There is nothing more fun than seeing everyone outside of work.  And our favorite former co-workers Jenna and Lauren came with Candace and it was soooo great to see them!!!  Those girls have the living best laughs! #quarterlyhangouts


My sister has become an honorary salon member and she came with friends in tow!  So nice that everyone gets along!


And then of course all of Kristi’s friends from the salon came out! #soloved


These meatballs love a celebration!


It’s so nice for everyone to get together…even though it is sad to see our sweet friend go!!!  Kristi we love you so much and we will miss you!!!!   Here are your outtakes!



Love you Kessy…miss you already!!!


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