Two Meatballs: New Years Revolutions!!!

First off…I wrote the post below a week ago bc I was being super proactive with my vacation days!!!  So I just wanted to butt into my own story and say…thank you guys so much for your support with this last weigh in!!!  It feels so good to have another month behind us! We reached over 30,000 people!!!


Our sweet pal Roseanne being one of them!


And got some of the prettiest pictures of life thanks to Katie!!!


But most of all we’ve got our health…I mean somebody look at this before and after!


Which is the perfect segue into the original post…new years revolutions!  Enjoy and thanks again! Love, Sara Back to your regularly scheduled Meatball post…


Hello friends. Did you survive the holidays!?!


Were you surrounded by friends, family and loved ones!?!  Did you eat wayyyy too much!?


So much has happened since we last spoke!!!  This guy turned 61 and we celebrated like champs!


I bought a “juicer”…


Tightened up big time for the weigh in…made some inspired asian meals!!!


Now all of the sudden,  it’s New Years Eve…can you believe how quickly this year flew by???


We’ve come so far!!!


I don’t give a shit about going out on NYE…I think it’s super overrated!!!  But with my former love of partying, it never stopped me!


In the past I would have such bold resolutions…I’m a dreamer and I loved the aspect of a fresh start!  That part of me hasn’t changed a bit.


As much as I love the holidays, I also really enjoy packing Christmas away and not being tempted by a thousand desserts every day! January feels so new and shiny to me.  And for once in my life I won’t be hungover annnnd I won’t be obsessing over a new diet and forcing myself to join a gym! So how does a sober gal celebrate New Years when her super best buddy is in town!?


…why a dinner party/sleepover of course! #howgrownofyou #thankyouiknow  On the menu tonight…Lemon garlic oevn roasted pork tenderloin, garlic dill scallion smashed cauliflower, ugly green beans, that kale and brussel sprout salad from Christmas Eve and homemade Reese Cups for dessert! #yummmm All these recipes are pinned under New Years Eve Menu n our Sara and Jenny BeardSmith Pinterest account!


And who will be joining us this evening…some oldie but goodies; Nanners, Katie and Joe T and my other meatball Jenny plus Muffin the Never Ending Story Dog!


You may be asking yourself…why didn’t Sara shower or attempt to look nice on any level, especially when everyone else looks so cute!?!  As I’m writing this I’m thinking the exact same thing you guys!  Truth be told, I had my first real cold in almost a year and it hit me hard…like fire throat, no voice, fevery hard.  So I decided to juice up, green tea and lemon and honey it up, and get lots of rest it up…the show must go on! Haha, so I didn’t quite make it to the showering it up, makeup ing it up or the whole putting on real clothes part of the night!!!  Oh well!  These cuties came bearing gifts!!!  And my how things have changed!


Me and my bestie knocked it out of the park for each other!!!  She got me the new Amy Poehler book and a new loose leaf tea thing!!!! #soexcited #healthyfriendstotheend

Then Joe brought gifts of local meat and veggies from the farm that he works at Coon Rock Farm!!! #sopaleo #sothoughtful #sogrown #notmyboyfriendeveryonewhosawhimonfacebook


Joe is the little brother I always wanted!!!  More on the farm tomorrow!!!  Then Anna brought gifts of the juicing variety!!!  You guysssss, so thoughtful and supportvie!!!  Thanks so much! I’m thankful every single day for the people in my life.


Ok on to dinner!!!  Muffin or Moofster as I call her #iloveanickname enjoyed some rice and dog food! #woofliterally


And the humans ate a very paleo, yum scrumdidaleeyumcious din din.


Ughhhhh!!!  I couldn’t look worse!!! #iliterallywokeuplikethis

Everything was delish balls but the ugly green beans won Big timmmme!!!  Then it was time for Joe to skidattle…don’t worry we will visit him tomorrow!!!  Bye Joe, love you!


Then Jenny finally got off work and came to play!


And we snuggled,  took some important phone calls #excusemeihavetotakethis, played Christmas dress up with Muffin,  died laughing only a thousand times, watched Seacrest and made so much fun of Fergie #whodoesshethinksheis!? #lalalalalaaaa and counted down to 2015!



So much fun with some of my absolute favorite people.  Anna had to go but Katie and Jenny spent the night…you know I live for a sleepover!!!!  I will leave the story there and pick up where I left off tomorrow.  I’m going to close this post with me and Jenny’s own personal resolutions for 2015.


1. Be kind and grateful every single day

2. Fight less

3. Use your smarts for good not evil

4. Stay strong and focused

5. Reach my weight goal of 160

6. Keep cooking and stay active

7. Be open to sharing my life with someone

8. Find better coping mechanisms for when I’m overwhelmed

9. Throw yourself into juicing

10. Read at least one book a month…this is my first book recommended by my fab sis Kelly from a fellow blogger…Momastery’s Glennon Melton! #pumped #inspirationfordays



Here are Jenny’s resolutions:

1. Be honest with myself

2. Chill out on the Whip Cream

3. Be more decisive

4. Try new recipes

5. Lose 5lbs by The Bobies!

6. Prioritize responsibilities

7. Communicate with loved ones (Brandon)

8. Be grateful

And here is some inspiration to close it all out!


Happy 2015!!!  XOXO


  1. Excellent list of resolutions/goals for 2015. I especially laughed at “Use your smarts for good not evil”. Love it!

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