Two Meatballs: The Power of Fagic!!!!

So my sweet sister Kelly and bestie Katie left NYC!!!  This is always hard, but having your work besties come in at the same time makes it a little easier!  Where does one go on a Sunday morning in NYC?!  We cabbed it to our favorite brunch spot, The Brasserie!


We love The Brasserie and our amazing waiter..Eric!!!  This is probably the most paleo meal I had the entire trip!


And it was nice catching up with everyone since I hadn’t seen anyone since the Bobies! #thankspneumonia


Then we took a tour of the new Wella Studios!


Then we cabbed it back to our neck of the woods and went to Shoegasm!


Then we went to Anthropolgie where I purchased my first straight size outfit!!!  Eeek…then we went to a cool little underground (literally) bar where I promptly changed clothes and modeled all of my new purchases whilst everyone else drank! But first we had to wait until they opened…Kait had some fun with the chalk board!


Finally we were let in…


Here is my new dress, ring and bag!  And here is the cute little bar!  This place had a thing where you take a shot of bourbon i think and then follow it with pickle juice…if I was still drinking I would have been all over that!  Look at this fun group! This is also when I earned the nickname Kitty Kitty Mew Mew…bc I purred up to two stranger boys to take some pictures of us!

wpid-photo_2015-02-01_04-16-18_pm.jpgwpid-img_20150201_160306.jpg wpid-20150201_172520.jpgwpid-20150201_172945.jpg

Then it was off to dinner at the ultra exclusive Bohemian…you have to buzzed in to the restaurant and have a personal referral! But this is where the magic really happened!


WE didn’t even plan the walrus look! This place was too cool for school and Joelle and I lost our minds and created a thing called fagic…or fake magic if you will!  It’s probably not that funny but we were in stitches that night!!!


It’s all about the reaction am I right ladies!?  Then a coat rack almost killed Kait and they sent her out a complimentary gelato and Joelle and I proceeded to eat every bite of it while they were outside!!!  She kept trying to get out… We Hate Ourselves through our laughter when we got caught…we burned so many calories and I imagine bridges with our fellow diners that night! It’s been a long time since I thought I was going to get kicked out of a place sober! Here is our shameful empty dessert plates…


The burger sliders were amazing but this place did not knock my socks off!!!  The laughter was the winner tonight…oh and the heated toilet seat/bidet!!!  Total homer!  Then it was bedtime at the Maritime…conveniently located next door to the Dream!!!  After all we are up here to learn!  The next morning we were met with sleet and lots of icy puddles on our three block walk to Bumble and bumble University!  We went straight up to the 8th floor for a morning reception!


I love school!  This go round it’s owners and managers Business Immersion 1!  But first a nutritious breakfast at the House of Bumble!


Paleo-Ish… there was def some cheese up in here!  But when in Rome am I right ladies!? Now, it’s off to class and my front row seat in the auditorium! #nerdalert


And out came my spirit animal…the educator that dreams are made of…Mary Proctor!


I love this woman…she is so engaging and she makes me want to take my communication and coaching skills to the next level!  Class was amazing!  Now it’s lunch time!


And picture time…



And some tagging’ time! #represent


Back to class…it’s break out time and we chose Generation Us with Suzanne…this may have been my favorite module…we learned all about the 4 different generations in the work force right now (the Veterans, Baby Boomers, Gen X and The Millenials), how they like to communicate, what their motivation is and how to handle my group…the Millenials or Nexters!  Who knew we were such a problem with our technology only life and need for constant feedback, praise and medals! Ha!


Then we were relocated out of the front row of the auditorium (grrrr) for the afternoon lesson! And this sweet gem Mike took our pic!


and I drew one of him! #itsnotschoolifimnotdrawing


I think I nailed it!  Then it was off to a sip and greet back on the 8th floor!


I mean look at this view!



Now it’s off to Catch for dinner!  We shared some spicy shrimp and then I had the scallops and fries!!!  Yum!


I was so tired no other pics exist from this!  The first day of class always fries my brain!  The walk home was frozen and brutal…glad the Maritime has a fireplace!


Joelle and I went to bed!  I still have pneumonia at this point and the cold weather is trying to kill me! Mary and Kait lived it up for all of us that night!  Day two of Bumble!


#babycold Breakfast was yummy and again my most paleo meal of the day!



Today was a blast!


Full of learning and more drawing!

We learned a lot about managing today!  It was very one on one focused and I had a ton of takeaways…it was also nice that the managers from Bumble were our instructors…i always take so much more from it when it comes straight from the horses mouth!  Lunch was yummy…


Today was the height of my sugar obsession…i ate 4 of these pecan bars…i don’t do well when I’m sick!  Then one more photo op with my idol!


And it was off to dinner at TAO…does anyone do anything else in NY besides eat…I Know I don’t!


Look at this gorgeous place!!!  There was a huge statue down in front and I was fingers crossed that we would get sat there and boooom!


The food was hands down my favorite of this leg of the trip!  We split shrimp and scallop egg rolls and pork dumplings to start with! We ate them so quickly that they didn’t get captured on film!  Then Joelle and I split Pad Thai and Hong Kong fried noodles!!!!!  The pad thai was too sweet but the fried noodles were heaven!


I have totally fallen off the paleo wagon now…and its about to get worse!


This heavenly thing sent me over the edge!  It was a molten lave cake with salted caramel gelato!  This is when I became miserable and needed to be 10 feet tall to survive!  #worthit!? Then we went home and went to bed…tomorrow morning would bring packing, check out and our last day of Immersion!


Starting this day off with a bang!  You can’t get more paleo than that!

Then on to one of my favorite new instructors, Ron and group activities!


We formed a group on the first day Moxie Cole Bumble and we had lots of little break out sessions together!  Meet our fun group!


We had to come up with a product focus campaign! My drawings finally getting put to good use!


I walked away with so many new ideas and new friends (Hi you two from Moxie!!!) and one more nutritious lunch!



And at the end of the day we all graduated!


Well six days later and it’s time to leave the city!  Off to LGA!


Where this lovely gentleman named John shined our boots for free!  He said our smile was payment enough!!!  What a gem…I love this city! He had Joelle in tears after telling of how he and his wife had met while he was shining her shoes!  This was me 10 minutes later!


I can’t believe its over!!!  But I am glad to get back to Raleigh and implement all of my new training!!!  Love y’all!


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