Two Meatballs: This is How I Know I’ve Changed!

Hey you guys!  Since last we spoke, Jenny and I spent alllllllll day together Sunday and it was glorious. I can’t even tell you how long it had been. We didn’t dress up, we didn’t take one single picture and we felt no pressure to hurry up and finish hanging out just to write the blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog, I love writing and I love all of you. I even set up a new blogging area in my den!


I am eternally thankful for Tow Meatballs. I have learned a lot about myself and apparently my very typical M.O. #mo #itsliterallmyname is to love something so much that i do it all the time (think Yoga, Pure Barre, any challenge, Paleo, Chipotle, cake pops, pad thai, Edible Art cupcakes, Coquette, Blizzards) and then I fucking hate it. #OCD  I have been trying to stop being so extreme.  To not literally love something to death.  So I backed off of Pure Barre, Yoga and the blog because I love all of these so much that I don’t want to lose them.  I am however glad that I can leave all of the sweet food obsessions in the ground where I killed them!  I’ve also learned that I can feel better alllll the time.  When I eat what I know I’m not sensitive to, I feel better on all levels!  I can breath better, my body feels better, I just generally feel healthier, I feel more energized and ready to take on the world.  Joelle talked the other day about  how she prioritizes.  She makes a pyramid and puts the most important things on there.  Genius, so I made one.  The most important thing in my life is my health.  I can’t be good to anyone else if I don’t take care of myself.


It took me a long time to get to the point where it didn’t feel like the most selfish thing putting myself at the top of my own pyramid!!! But I love myself and want to continue getting healthier. Next is my family and closest of friends.  Duh, they are my world and I love them so much. Case in point, I gave the boys a pampering night full of shopping,  manis, pedis, massages, bath time, shampoos, and story times!


Even a sleepover! #ughilovethemsomuch


And we all spent Halloween together! Say Happy Halloween-er to WUrkle, Mew Barrymore and GI Chase!

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Then, my career comes in.  It is my passion and my livelihood and I feel so blessed that I love it with every fiber of my being.  But today is a talk about the top of the pyramid…my health.  So, guess what?!  Sunday night I started feeling really bad.  I mean like crazy body aches.  I had reintroduced eggs and tomatoes and both hit like a lead ball.  Dr. Lauren told me to look out for joint pain, so to me all of this was just a big fat no thank you from my body.  But when I woke up Monday morning to a fever, a pounding headache, chills and even crazier body pain, I thought this is a hell of an allergic reaction.  I drug myself to work and felt like every joint and nerve ending in my body was en fuego.  Showering hurt, my eyelides hurt, I couldn’t even wear a watch.  I made it through, canceled yoga and came home to go to bed early and take an epsom salt bath.  Then that night, my throat got fiery, I got really congested and my stomach was killing me…even my ears started to hurt.  I stayed home.  And I didn’t feel guilty about it.  I got some major sleep.  Mom brought me lunch and Sweet Mary, my co-manager at work brought me dinner. #lifesvers I went to bed early again.  Then Wednesday morning I felt so much worse.  It finally occurred to me, I might have the flu!  This could be more than a reaction to tomatoes!  So i went to urgent care and found out it was a bad bacterial infection.  The gave me some shots, and some prescriptions.  But you know what was so different this time.  I finally learned to give myself a break, no negative self talk.  I was sick and unable to come to work, so I didn’t.  I went to the doctors and listened to them.  As my prescriptions were being filled, I went to the grocery store and stocked up on allllllllll the veggies!


I made two different kinds of comfy stews that will only help to make me feel better.


I lit some candles with my adorable new matches from work, how cute!


And I relaxed. I napped, I pinterested my life away since my bathroom reno is finally going to start this week!



I am helping myself get better instead of unwittingly prolonging my illness as I always did before by comfort eating processed food that only made me feel worse!


And you know what…I don’t feel better hahahahahahah!


But I will and I will feel better sooner.  Instead of forcing myself to go workout with Sandra bc I’m supposed to be losing weight, I canceled and I’m going to sleep in in the morning, bc that is what my body is begging for.  I canceled yoga tomorrow night.  I’m going to listen now.  It really feels good to be nice to yourself.  And to not just feed myself Chickfila soup and Diet Dr Pepper bc I’m too sick to be bothered with it.  I tell you what , if this is what progress feels like (minus the sickness) than I am hooked!


That one is for you Kelly!   Hey, I love you all.  See you when we see you. Xoxo Off to my cough syrup induced wonderland of dreamy needed sleep.


  1. I’m so happy I could cry!!! Every morning I check fb just hoping for a post!!! Thanks for making my day!!!!
    I’m so sorry you’re sick but I’m so glad you’re so at peace with it!! And doing the right things for you! And being kind to yourself!!!
    I love you so very much!!!

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