Two Meatballs: I Found My Sanity at Vannity!!!

My sweet friend Nichole LuMaye is an amazing stylist, an awesome friend and an incredible blogger! She is the author of  a beauty blog and it is so inspiring and addictive; do yourself a favor and follow her today A passion for hair, education, fashion and puns made Nichole and myself instant friends.  She always makes me laugh, I love making fun of her midwestern accent and she loves making fun of the scar on my foot! We have the most fun doing everything or nothing and we spent years trying to pioneer ombre before ombre was a thing.  So, when Nichole launched her blog for the salon and spa where she works, she reached out to me and offered me a massage with Alyssa Vine-Hodge, one of the therapist at Vannity Salon and I immediately said Yassssssss!!!!  First of all, I never say no to relaxation and someone rubbing on me.  As a person with very few personal space issues and a love of nudity and physical contact; a massage is a win win win!  Last Friday, I drove to a big, beautiful historic home across the street from the Mordecai House…


And inside waiting was Nichole!!!  She welcomed me in and this place was gorgeous!


I got a tour and fell in love.


Downstairs was a lovely area for manis and pedis.  Upstairs, you could find a massage suite, shampoo room and styling floor.  This place screamed pamper me! I got to meet everyone and see some old friends, always a bonus!  Then I met Alyssa and she was the sweetest!  We did a consultation in my childhood dream bedroom!


Floor to ceiling windows, a fireplace and an antique dresser made the room so relaxing and homey!  Aren’t we the cutest!?


Then it was show time!


Look at the size of that bow!  Nichole shimmied out and I got nakey and hopped under the sheet.  Alyssa came back in and set a very relaxing tone.  Normally I yammer on during a service bc I love meeting new people, but her calm nature really put me into a zen zone.  We did a 60 minute Breath with Ease service and it was incredible.  She has a great touch and created the perfect combination of therapeutic with a big dose of relaxation!  It was exactly what I needed after a long work week.  I mean, somebody look at this after pic!  Look how relaxed!!!! Isn’t massage hair the sexiest!?


And there is always time for fun!


Nichole!!!!  Thank you so much for inviting me to an afternoon of pampering!!!  It was so great to see you!  Ps shout out to Katie and Katherine of Live OhmK for sending me this adorable Kick Asana tank top!!!  I love it and it’s so comfy and badass! Check it out and support these awesome ladies with a powerful message.


And to everyone else on earth!!!  You should treat yo’ self to a morning, afternoon or evening with Alyssa at Vannity Salon!!!  Doing something for yourself is so important and paying someone to rub your back or bust those knots out is the perfect way to feel totally blissed out. Alyssa, thank you for making me feel extra loved, special and super limber after.  Go see this special lady!!! Xoxo


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