Two Meatballs: No Wine and Design!!!

Hiiiiiiiii you guyyyyyyys!!!!  We have missed y’all oh so much!!!


But we’ve been having so much fun actually hanging out again!!!


We’ve been on so many dates!!!  We went to go see Love the Coopers at our favorite movie theater Raleigh Grande.  You guys, they have leather recliners, never going anywhere else…


We went to an awesome Mark Debolt from Wella class together!!!


and learned so much together…we love Mark so much!!!!!  And I got super inspired to do some beautiful makeovers!!!

fb_img_1450496524294.jpgfb_img_1450496529539.jpgscreenshot_2015-12-18-22-43-57-1.pngfb_img_1450496539809.jpg fb_img_1450496489862.jpg

Soooo much fun!!!

We spent my birthday morning together!


And decided to sign up for Wine and Design the day after Thanksgiving!!!  We have both really wanted to be more creative lately, and who doesn’t love painting?!  I picked Jenny up and we rode down together, so excited!!!  Tonight’s paint by number  was Gustav Klimt, The Kiss…my favorite artist EVER!!!


I’ve always wondered how this worked, but they give you an outline and then instructions!


But before any of that happened we had to explore!  Bc of course we were early!


Almost immediately, we found a selfie station!


And then we started painting each others faces…


The employees were really egging us on, like we need encouragement you guys!


These two kitties were ready to paint!


I have to say, they were horrified that we didn’t bring wine.  They just kept asking why which I thought was hilarious…I’m sober silly rabbit!  After a lot more people showed up, we got to our easels and got our paint!!!


Our instructor was charming and talented!


We were so ready to learn and play.


We sat across from a really funny couple and had a blast.  They were lots of breaks to drink, so after a certain point, Jenny and I just started painting  on our own and getting real artsy fartsy!!!  A total creative 4 dream!  And look what we made!


And look at everyone else!


I loved that everyones looked totally different.  This was so fun and freeing!!!  Everyone should go to Wine and Design!  They even have kids classes, so I’ll be taking the nephews stat.  Art for alllll!


By the time it was done we were starving and ready to go to another movie.  We ended up watching Trumbo…which we thought would be funny.  It was not, it was dark and depressing and like 10 degrees in the theater!!!


We couldn’t quite get the paint off, so these kittens went public with our art.  Jenny, it has been so great reconnecting!!!!  I can’t wait to paint again and find new adventures to go on.  And to our blogging family, thanks for supporting this little hiatus.  We both needed to miss the blog a little and I really did.  Writing is so fun, talking to you guys is the best.  Glad to be back…there is lots more where this came from…living with my parents, renovations, brand new rooms, birthdays with my besties, Thanksgivings, Christmas Parties…oh my!!!  Hope you guys are great, missed you so much. Xoxo Until our next date.



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