Two Meatballs: All of the Holidays!!!

As you know, I moved in with my parents while my house was being made over by Newman Builders!!!  And during that time, so many great things happened!  I celebrated my 12th anniversary at my dream job!  You must be asking yourself, she looks so young, how could she have worked somewhere for 12 years!?!?!  All I can say is, I know right?




My friend and client Christie had a pre birthday private yoga sesh with sweet Meg!!!


Look how fun!!!  It was so nice to get back to yoga and hang out with 2 of my favorite gals!


Then my family went to see Peanuts 3D as an early birthday celebration for me!


And lunched it up at Chipotle afterwards!


Then it was actually my birthday…work was so sweet…


and the OG Beards went to Winston’s to celebrate the big 33!!! #allofthepotatoes


Then my bestie flew into town and me her and Kel went to the Umstead and had  the living most relaxing and equally hilarious weekend! Somebody look at how cute we are!?!


How much plaid can you fit onto one bed???  We went to the spa and had all the treatments and all the hot tea!


Hey Kelly, remember when you got shushed!?  Hey Katie, remember when you awkwardly ran into that guy…and good morrow to you as well kind sir bahahahahahahah!!!!  And remember I didn’t wear pants or a robe!? #fuckit #noshoesnopantswhocares  We even rode on the elevator with a meatball reader Sharon…totally felt like a celeb!  Best weekend of life.  We had room service and again, I ate all of the fries.


We watched Fixer Upper, caught up on life and laughed our collective asses off at YouTube videos #errmegerddd  Love you guys so much!  Then wouldn’t you know it…it was Thanksgiving!!! I love a holiday and time with my sweet family!


As usual, Marty entertained the crowd #lordknowsiwantone #nooffense


Mom and I made a ton of dishes that we could both eat and we walked away unscathed!!!  We even made our first batch of turkey bone broth!


So great seeing everyone,


laughing till it hurt and eating healthy on the most gluttonous day of the year!  Then when the kids got back into town we went to see the Good Dinosaur!!!


I literally cannot get enough of this theater!!!  And the movie was awesome!


And my dream came true…we were the only people in there for a long time!  Then we drug the boys kicking and screaming to see lights! And you would have thought we tortured them! #youlied



Then December rolled around and we kicked it into high holiday gear.  Kelsey told us to go to Piper Lights off Mitchell Mill Rd and finally we saw an awesome light spectacular!


Followed by watching the most inappropriate Christmas movie of all time National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation #somuchcussing


Chase is snuggling in a box next to me on the couch…he was so sick!  He is ironically making the same face as the tv!!! Hahahaha And what night would be complete without a sleepover! #Shhhhh


And now Christmas is upon us!!!  I’ve been decorating like crazy to get ready for the Apple Beard family christmas party and tonight is the night!!!  More on that in a later post!  I hope you all have been enjoying your holiday season as much as we have!!!  There is just so much to be grateful for. Xoxo and happy holidays to you all and to all a good night.




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