Two Meatballs: I’m 33 and I Live With My Parents!!!

Sara here.  So, last we spoke, I found out I had a bad mold allergy and needed to get a bathroom (and kitchen and closet) reno stat!!!!  Well, it finally happened.  I realized very quickly that I would not be able to live at home during this time; between the dust, noise, power outages, mess and chaos, I couldn’t hack it!  My sweet parents, Anna and John ( how cute are they?!)


graciously took me in and we have been having…THE BEST TIME!  Oh  my gah you guys, have you ever moved home under positive circumstances?!?  Cause it is great.  We cook together,




giggle, sing Christmas songs, look at lights,


come up with schticks, decorate trees,


watch movies


and when I got strep throat last week,


my mom made me soup and my dad took me to get my meds!  I am in heaven.  The day that I moved in my mom started the same elimination diet that I am on and it was so fun to have someone to do this with .  She feels so much better and looks amazing and it really helped me stay committed to help someone else get started!!!  And look at these yummy meals we made together!!!


I am so grateful that we all get along so swimmingly! And wouldn’t you know it, 5 weeks flew by and it was all of the sudden time for me to move home!!!!  This was so bittersweet.  I was dying to see my completed renovation and sleep in my own bed…but this has been the living funnest time.  As I packed up all of my belongings from my parents guest bedroom I was excited but saddddd!!!! Who would I come home to at night?!  When would I ever watch Jeopardy again?  Whose crossword puzzle am I going to google answers for, whose going to show me all their newest craft and gift ideas, when am I going to get to feel like a technolgical genius again!?!?!?!


But I am sure it was perfect timing, no one wants to overstay their welcome and I wanted us to still be the best of friends after a 5 week home invasion.  I left a love note and headed home…to meet my entire family!!! #iwishicouldquityoutwo This house needed some serious cleaning and my family is so great.  More on that later.  So, to my sweet parents.  OH MY GAHHHH!  This was the best 5 weeks…it could have been terrible!  I could have been the biggest pain in the ass inconvenience, we could have been at each others throats, but we weren’t!  It was a joy and a pleasure.  I never thought that I would move home at 33, but I’m so glad that I did and that it was a super positive experience.  How lucky can one girl be?!  Thank you for everything that you guys have always done for me.  I love that we are so close and I really miss you guys so much already!!!!!  You are the best parents a girl could ask for and I love you guys so much.


Side note, as we walked into my house…which you guys, it is not like Fixer Upper when you walk into a perfectly staged and immaculately clean home, my dad instantly said, ” You can’t stay here, just come back home with us!”.  It melted my heart to think that they would want me back and to not just be wiping their hands of me after over a month of cohabitation.  It was so tempting.  Until the next project JB!!!  Love y’all to the moon. #mycuprunethover #152insightsintomysoul #theygavemethesecookies #afteripaidforthem #lalalalalaaaa #lookwhatigotharper #butternutsquash #iamsosickofbrusselsprouts #wehadalltheholidaystogether #iloveyall #thanksforbeingthebestparents


  1. Sooooooo sweet!!! You’ve been so blessed to live with grandma & grandpa and now mom & dad!!! Me next!!!!!
    Nothing makes me happier than a blog sis!!
    Hi Sara!!
    Love you!

  2. We felt so blessed to have you here, Mo. So glad we could help. You are a joy and you are always welcome, buddy! Love you and miss you so much!!!!

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