Two Meatballs: Busy as Bees and Happy as Clams!!!

Lately, it has been harder and harder for me and Jenny to find time for each other.  So I needed a little stroll down memory lane to remember all the fun we have together this year so far!!!  We are lucky enough to have gone on lots of adventures together!!!

We’ve been to Miami where we relaxed, snuggled, and got our minds blown at LBP’s Front Row…oh and hung out with celebrities! #nbd #jkthebiggestdeal



We were each other’s dates to our companies annual Bobies Party…


We’ve been working out again…thank goodness!!!


Going to classes together…


We coupled up for Katie Hu’s wedding!!!



And we always get to jackass around work together!!!


It’s a hard life, but somebody has to do it!!!  Haha, jk we are so lucky to have each other and to have such fun lives.  We are so busy sometimes that is is super easy to feel disconnected, but when I look through my photos, we are together more than most best friends get to be.  I am so excited to work out together in the morning!!! Jenny, I love you so much!!!!  Meatballs for life!


***Ok, so I started writing this last week and the universe gave me such a gift…the following segment is called,  You Have A Little Smith on You!

Jenny and I got to spend so much time together this past weekend…I even got to see Brandon and London!!!  Friday night we ventured out to Wendell and went to Lauren’s wedding!!!


It was so beautiful and we had so much qt time together!!!


They even had the best photo booth!


Congrats Lauren and Cameron!!! #pittmanpartyoftwo London was in the wedding, so Jenny had her hands full that night, be we still managed to hang out a ton. And Brandon…I had the best time catching up…it felt like old times!!!

Thennnnnnnn, the cherry on top came Saturday night Jenny called me and asked me on a dinner date!!!! We had dinner at Yuri in Cary…our new favorite sushi spot.


Jenny got some saki…


And we got the greatest thing EVER!!! A tuna tower…everyone should get this. We ate it or I would tempt you with a pic! We finally got a chance to see each other and talk for hours and compare nail colors…


And just be in bestie blissful love!  Oh how I missed you friend.  So glad we made time for each other…it’s the key to any good relationship right?!…#nailedit Love you Jenny.


Love y’all too!!!



  1. I love how energetic and enthusiastic and happy you guys look in all these! I think you’re friendship goals for me and Jessica, now. Also kind of sad you haven’t posted anything since this! Come back! We like you!

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