Two Meatballs: A Mother of a Day!!!

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyy there!  I am so lucky.  I have such an amazing and supportive family that I actually like and get along with.  So getting together for Mother’s Day was an absolute joy!  The past few years I’ve had a Mother’s Day lunch at my house.  I love having things at my house because I love to cook for my family and I love an excuse to buy flowers for my home.


The older I get, the less stressed I become about the details…just being together is what’s important. Buuuuuuuut, I do agonize over the menu.  Thank gah for Pinterest.  Around 11 I started cooking up a storm.  On the Menu: Lemon  coconut butter chicken, garlic green beans, garlic and parsley roasted carrots, shaved brussels sprout salad with granny smith apples, purple onions, toasted walnuts and homemade vinaigrette annnnd paleo rolls!!!


Isn’t it gorgeous!  And it was yummy and healthy.  My house smelled amazing for dayyyyyyys.  And look at this cute bunch!


We also had homemade paleo reese cups for dessert…they were a home run!  Except the kids HATED THEM!!! My bad!  For all the recipes you can follow us on Pinterest @twomeatballsgetfit and this board was Mothers Day 2016!!!  Then the kids made everyone gifts and cards…so sweet!


Look at Chase’s sweet face!!! Wyatt is almost 10 and is going through a phase where he would literally rather die than to smile in a picture!  So I do this thing where I start yelling DON’T…DON’T SMILE.




Almost there, just a little more yelling and…


BAM!!! There’s that angel!  Me and Kelly spent some time loving on our mom, Anna!


And took our obgligatory OG Beard pic…


And then walked over to the school playground across the street from my house for a water gun battle!


The adults opted out…


But the 6 year old in me was a tidje jelly.


They are super soaked to the bone!!! #didyouseewhatididthere!?

All in all, the weather was amazing and it was a great day with the fam.  When all was said and done, me, mom and dad brought the planter with mini roses I had bought myself down to my sweet neighbor Ruby.  She had told me that since she had seen her out of town kids the week before that she would be flying solo for Mother’s Day. She is the sweetest 81 year old and the love of my life.  She is fiercely independent and adorably squeezable, just like Grandma Apple used to be.  When I’m with her it feels like I am hanging out with Gigi again and that is exactly what I wanted on this special day.  I hope that you all enjoyed your day as well.  I love you guys so much. Xoxo, Sara


  1. Crying!! Sweet Ruby and gigi!! I love what you did with Wyatt’s pictures!!! Such a sweet face!! And the best smile!! Thank you for always hosting us and making us feel oh so special and loved!!! Love you so much did!!

  2. So much fun. Love my family. Thanks, Mo. Loved the whole meal. Could not pick my favorite. It was all good!!!!

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