Two Meatballs: Oh Snap, Peas!!!!

Hey y’all!!!  I’ve been suuuuuuper lazy lately!


And I typically fall in to the trap of waking up one day and violently changing course…ie I haven’t been to the gym in a year but when a I wake up and decide to change I do two a days right off the bat and try and pick up right where I left off at the gym!  #Beastmode


Or I go from eating fast food three times a day to banishing everything but whole, clean foods that are bought fresh from a specialty store and require tons of preparation.  You can only imagine this does not exactly set me up for success!!!  Number one, I hurt myself at the gym…you can’t pick up where you left off, you are weak and fat now!!!


Number two, hours of cooking a night isn’t super feasible with my schedule!!!    Number three…I have a  rebellious soul


and I hate being oppressed; even when I’m the oppressor!!! #donttellmewhattodo #yeahimtalkingtome


I feel like the universe sends me messages and right now I keep hearing over and over again- you are being given the opportunity to do things differently.  Well how refreshing…am I right?!  I get the option to do things differently. I also keep hearing to be gentle and kind, to not cannon ball into the middle of the ocean, slowly ease your way in.  So when our pal and super amazing Meatball Supporter, Nikki posted on Facebook, “Who wants a free meal from Blue Apron?!”  I jumped on it.  This is a way to not overwhelm myself and start small.  A box with three not particularly paleo, but healthy non the less meals are coming to my door, no shopping necessary.  I don’t have to put one thought in to planning a menu.  I can still be moderately lazy while getting my car back on the road to health and wellness.


Well guess what!?!  Today as me and my boyfriend stood in my kitchen, my doorbell rang and it was the adorable Fed Ex guy…with my Blue Apron box!!!!  I was more excited than I thought I would be.


Unfortunately my boyfriend was on his way out and has zero interest in being on the blog as he is the opposite of me and is very private.  I’ve been dying to start some healthy habits together, but he promised we’ll do the next meal together.  So tonight I flew solo, which was probably good for my codependency issues!  What’s on the menu you ask!?! General Tso’s Chicken!!!!  This was awesome.  I have been eating a lot of delivery meals, so this won’t feel like an extreme departure, but a healthier option than take out!

It was all packaged adorably!


I chopped and minced and even touched chicken…yuck!!!


And then I cooked my little heart out!!!  And don’t worry, I haven’t changed that much…I read the instructions step by step without looking ahead so the rice was ready 30 minutes before everything else!  Haha when will i learn?!


Now I will say, I usually feel like this when trying to follow a recipe with a picture…


Butttttttt, I mean somebody look at this!? #nailedit  Annnnnd I found a takeout tray!!!


I was belting out Fiona and enjoying my beautiful new but horribly neglected kitchen…and making a fucking mess! Literally all of my favorite things!!!


How do I ever forget how fun this is???  It feels really nice to take the first step.  Hopefully Jenny and I can get our schedules together and cook the third meal!  Baby steps!  I would say if you have never cooked before, have a busy life or hate grocery shopping, Blue Apron is the way to go!  It’s after 11 and my house is a disaster, so I’ll let you know tomorrow how it actually tasted.  I love you all so much.  Happy cooking to you all.  It may take us a little longer to get where we are going, but…





  1. I love it!!! I miss reading your words every day!!! So thankful and excited for every blog and your chance to do something different!!! Love you the most!!

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