Two Meatballs: Cleaning Out My Closets!!!

Hello world!!!  Sara here! What a week since we last spoke!!!  I taught another round of Color Boot Camp at Sammie Cole with Carolyn, Libby, Morgan and Silvi!

This is a two day intensive, immersive head first dive in to the world of color…my favorite!  Coloring hair is my spirit animal!!!


As you can see! #ablondeabrunetteandaredheadfallinlove #himegandlila #imgoingtotextaboutthedinneryogaextractionsdate #ipromise

I just love watching the light bulbs go off!!!  I also got the be a model again…all my blonde dreams come true, thanks Carolyn!

Then it was Valentine’s Day!  I got to hang out with my sweet clients…


and my team that I love so much!!! And I love a day devoted to love!


#hellyes #hiIsabella

My boyfriend and I had to celebrate early this year.  But he came through on my new found love of acts of service…and words of affirmation…and quality time…and physical touch! #hemakesmybed #somethingineverdoformyself

Ugh I love him! #bennybooboobear #tbt

I also did a lot of cooking this week!  I am really understanding the importance of being prepared annnnd keeping myself excited with what is next.  My clients keep telling me I should start a cooking service for people to eat healthy…intriguing!

This week for breakfast I switched up my routine and had a “cereal” which consisted of granny smith apples, 1/2 banana, cashews, almonds, unsweetened shredded coconut, almond butter drizzle, cinnamon and almond coconut milk! So delish and a much needed change of pace.  Lord knows what will happen if I get bored haha. I also made a new batch of waffles and this time I omitted (aka forgot) the honey…and I love them so much more now!  I am a savory girl.  I’m thinking about doing green onions, chives, shallots and a little bit of garlic in my next batch!

For lunches and dinners I had some oldie but goodies and some new favorites!

My mom has been coming through once a week and giving me something that they have made and I’ve been having my family over a lot for meals!  I love the exchange annnnnnnd the time together!  This week she brought taco chicken which I ate with all the avocados!  I also had egg roll in a bowl, some concoction with hot dogs since Whole Foods was out of chicken sausage (this was a fail!!!!) and then I did paleo burrito bowl which I’ve had a few times now, but I did it with carrot rice instead of cauliflower and guyyyyyys…GAME CHANGER! Carrot rice is so good!  I tried Siete’s grain free tortilla’s this weekend too….delicious and nutritious.  It felt nice to eat an actual taco/burrito (what’s coming out of your speedo!?)  And the last little slice of heaven that I made this weekend was a Tuscan chicken spaghetti squash bake.  This was life.  It legit tastes like pizza!!!!

After acupuncture on Saturday, my mom, who I love so much, offered to help me tackle the black hole that is my front closet…


If you’ll remember from last week (really like two weeks ago now) I needed my craft box, so I destroyed my house #lifeofa4…we had our work cut out for us.  I am so grateful for my support system.  I can feel that they really want me to get healthy (and stay healthy this time)  and they are all, all in! I could cry forever thinking about how good I have it and the people who lift me up.  I love love!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so grateful for my family, friends and team!!! I also love that every time I really start eating healthy and wanting to move my body more, there is also a part of me that says, we’ve got to purge everything in your house!  And girl, I’m down! So after lots of fantasizing about how we would makeover our houses and looking up crafting class and drinking coffee and snuggling on the couch and cooking lunch and dinner (mom and I are cut from the same cloth, procrastinator/dreamers for life)  and started a new side project of framing and hanging my adorable cards


Aren’t they the cutest!!! Then…we finally tackled that damn closet! #exhaustedalready #jk #butreally


3 Goodwill bags and 4 bags of trash later and it’s gorgeous!  We also cleaned out my laundry area!


I can’t wait to keep this up…continue the purge!  I think I am finally learning that, like my health, cleaning out isn’t a one time thing.  You have to keep taking things out of your house (body) if you keep brining things in (which I’m like really good at #shebeshopping #alloftheboxesonmyfrontporch) And lately, I have had this huge desire to grow up my space downstairs.  I have a quirky, eccentric townhome.  It is full of dead doll chandeliers, a pink cuckoo clock, a mannequin head dressed like a unicorn, life size plaster pigs, my grandma’s old rotary phone, hot pink bathrooms and all of the weird art you sweet heart could ever desire!

And don’t get me wrong…I love my stuff and I will always be weird! Buuuuuuut, I’m tired of looking at the same space everyday.  I am feeling the need for new #grownandsexy I’ve been Pinteresting up a storm, so you know it’s serious!  I really want to paint my living room pink and do a lot of neutrals and grays and GOLLLLLD! And I need more prints in my life and wallpaper!  Here is a look book!

Now that I have the aesthetic, I need to work on the budget!  But I can feel that nervous excitement in my belly for change!  Time to keep purging to make room for all the gorgeous changes to come.  I’ll keep you posted!  Until next week…



Look at alllllllllll that glitter!!!  #tbt


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