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Two Meatballs: Peace, Love and Paleo!!! (aka The 15th Weigh in)

Welcome to the North Carolina Museum of Art!  What a gorgeous back drop for our 15th weigh in shoot! Let’s make a new American Gothic!



And take a stroll around this beautiful place!


We’re coming for you!


Time to stop and toss the flowers!



Let’s get even closer to nature!


And each other!


Let’s go explore!



Shew, it’s hot out here…let’s find some shade!


Time to stop and smell the flowers!


Perfect place for another stroll #helloactivitypoints


There is more art to see!


We are pooped!


No more fooling around, weigh in time!

Jenny, You’re up bunny!


first off….Thank you Tiffanie!  I had so much fun!!  So I’m just going to say it.  I love some of these pictures and some of them I HATE!!  and guess what…..i know why,  because I’m up 13lbs from my lowest weight and i can feel it and see it.   But i have also never been happier in many ways.  I have so much to be grateful for! Great family, friends, husband, daughter, tina myles, amazing job….with all this good stuff around me, i guess i have slacked on taking care of business and just lived in the moment a little to much!  This journey is still going, And I can’t wait to see what June brings.  I want to look at each picture and know i worked really hard. This is definitely a great photoshoot and so happy to be apart of this amazing thing we got going on!!  as always love you sara..would have never done this without you!

Sara, you’re up kitten!

wpid-img_0715.jpgwpid-20150531_140400.jpgwpid-ag.jpgwpid-ad.jpgwpid-20150531_140533.jpgwpid-a.jpgIMG_7052 IMG_7160IMG_7081IMG_7259IMG_7078IMG_7065IMG_7055IMG_7049IMG_7184

Ok, I can see now that you can’t read my board! Haha Starting weight was 292, Current Weight  280, I gained 10 pounds lost 12 pounds netted 2! I’m glad to have lost weight, but I hate that I have to keep relearning lessons about not losing the same flipping ten pounds.  No matter, there is FINALLY a minus on my chalkboard and I am so thankful for that.  Whatever it takes to keep plodding on this journey is what I am married to right now.  I feel way more  connected with Jenny, the gym and the kitchen and it feels soooooo good thank goodness!  What a beautiful setting we had today.  Looking through these pictures, I felt beautiful I also felt big.  I don’t like that feeling.  I know what it feels like to be smaller and I want that feeling again and I’m going to have it.  June…you are mine.  Thanks to everyone who keeps encouraging us and reminding us that this is real life.  And to Jenny, what would I do without you.  This is our month.  We are back…once again haha!  Love you all!

We couldn’t end this day without a good old fashioned flower fight!


Go to our instagram page if you want to see Jenny brutally beat me with flowers! Thank you Tiffanie for shooting us today! You made this so much fun and you had such great ideas!  Thank you for being an inspiration to us on this journey! XOXO


We had a blast! Also thank you to Natalie, Kelsey and Silvi for donating lots of jewelry and clothing to the hippie cause! We felt adorable!  Also, if you see a necklace or bracelet that you love, our buddies Kelsey and Chelsea make them and you can order their adorable creations at their ETSY shop thebeadwagon Check them out!


Love y’all and thank you!



And as always; your outtakes!!!! #literallyeverysceneisapartofawedding #engagementphotos #walkingdowntheaisle #tossingthebouquet #notseeingeachotherbeforethewedding #powerlesbians #gettingnakedatamuseum #movingintherightdirection #yallitwashot #jennysintensestare #sarasconstantbitchface #milkmaidens #securityguards #yikes #hichrismcclay #hichrismcclayswife #sogratefulforallthesupport #thatteddydidnothingforme #allergiesfordays #twomeatballsinafield #imgoingtobepissedifthisispoisonivy #touchthebutt #isntnorthcarolinabeautiful





Annnnnd we’re done!



We love y’all!