Two Meatballs: Happy Thanksgiving Back!!!

Name that line from a movie…go!!!!  If you got it right we are for sure soul mates!!!  You’ve Got Mail is a Beard family favorite…no judgment! #152insightsintomysoul #evennowdayslaternothing #ialwaystakeittothenextlevel Another sidebar before we get started…as a single girl…I found this HAAAAA-LARIOUS!


And sadly true!!!!

And as a chubby girl with a weigh in around the corner I found this tempting! #thanksjill!


How was y’alls Thanksgivings!?  We hope they were happy…and maybe healthy!?!?  Jenny and I were on the ball for this holiday.  Monday we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s!


We decided to cook a few dishes together so that we could come prepared for our family Thanksgivings!  Holidays can be such a slippery slope and this holiday IS LITERALLY only about food!  Planning…check!  Then we ran into some not good for us snacks!


Ironically we both ended up buying these bc we forgot about our potluck for work the next day!  Sorry work friends…we did not contribute anything healthy!!!  Thank goodness for Nikki…she brought the living yummiest paleo stew!!!


Thennnnnnn we took a little bit of an unfortunate turn!  We went to Shaba Shabu for take out BOGO sushi.  #wolfpackrolllllllllsfordays Not our best decision…right before Turkey Day annnnnd weigh in.  Gah who planned this month!?  The next couple of days were tricky as well! #flirtingwithdisaster Something inside of my brain said…it’s winter, you better pack on those pounds you little bear…it’s hibernation time! #fatandjolly #tenpizzas Yikes. But I have been feeling really thick in the middle as evidenced by this winter weighty pic from yesterday…


It certainly doesn’t help that my sweet runner friend is 11 feet tall and slender but I have been fast and loose with eating and working out lately!!!  And right in time for all of our Good Things (wink wink) with Bill Leslie and Fleet Feet…perfect time to gain weight am I right ladies!?

So we had a great little heart to heart on Wednesday and have I said lately how grateful I am for Jenny?! She always helps me get right back on track and reminds me to be more nice and less intense hahahahaha!!! #lovehersomuch


She came over that night and we cooked all the yummy, healthy food that we bought! She started in on an Apple Crisp that we have made before…it’s the living yummiest and now we will both have a dessert that won’t tip the scales in the wrong direction!


Ugh!!!  Everything is so much more fun together!  We also took a break to sing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…I was Marvin Gaye and she was Tammy Terrel (sp!?)!



I was in charge of our veggies!  We decided to do a roasted sweet potato chipotle salad!!!


You guyssss…this smelled like soooo smokey which is not my fav…but it was DELLSH!!!



Then it was on to some spicy asparagus with panchetta!

1 bundle of asparagus

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes

Salt and Pepper

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1 small package of Panchetta

Put oven on at 350, take a baking sheet and line with asparagus…drizzle olive oil over the veggies and sprinkle on dry ingredients.  Then pour the panchetta over the asparagus.  Roast for 20 minutes…or longer depending on how done you  like it!!!


Sooooo fun!!!  We also got deep about getting back on track and how excited we are to team up with Fleet Feet for the #tonoffun challenge.  This happened at the perfect time!  All the cooking was done around 11 and we were pooped!!!  Now it’s Thanksgiving morning and since I’ve been such a psycho about doing whatever I want in the most unhealthy way…I started today off at the gym!  My mom, dad and myself did a hell of a workout…Sandy you would have been proud #startingthedayoffright! We did rowing, chest, tri’s, and a million stations of planking, frogs, ball slams, bosu sit ups and tabata abs!!!


Now it’s off to Aunt Deb’s for a real test in commitment!!!  I do not want a plus sign on my chalk board this Saturday when we shoot the weigh in so I need to be fuggin serious! And guess what…I did!!!!  Did you guys know that I like…LOOOOOOVE my family!?  I love a holiday and then add my amazing family and my preparedness…today was heaven!


Just call me a pilgrim bc I murdered Thanksgiving this year!  #killingthisoutfit Me, Kelly and the kids rode out together to Aunt Debby and Uncle Steve’s in Smithfield.  The car ride was full of singing…Katy Perry, Taylor Swift…every young boys dream!  Chase passed the f out!  Pre turkey nap!


When we got there the house smelled amazing!


I ran into my old roomie…Grandma Apple…look at this sweet angel!


She asked me what happened to my shirt…


I said, nothing happened and she proceeded to tell me that it looked like…A LOT OF QUESTIONS! bahahahahahha!!!  Guess she was not a fan! #fail #notmurderingturkeydayaccordingtojanetapple Anywho…It’s so nice seeing everyone and catching up!


But now it’s time to eat!!!


Will I be tempted by my favorite…stuffing!?


Da da…


Da da…da da…


Nope!  And I didn’t even miss it!  I had turkey,


ham, gravy, a bazillion deviled eggs,


cabbage, mashed potatoes, collards and my sweet potatoes and asparagus!!!!  Yuuuuuuuum!!!!



The dishes we made last night turned out gorgeous and so colorful!


But…did dessert take me down…my mom made her famous pecan pie and there was an array of goodies!


But again…I was VICTORIOUS! (sang like biggie’s notorious) ugh why didn’t I do this all month!  This feels so much better haha The apple crisp was delightful!



Now it’s time to sit around, chat, tell stories, play games and keep that fire going! Family time is the best!


Soooooo fun!!!  It was over in a flash!!!  Love y’all soooo much!  Then we headed home…my shirt had gotten considerably tighter…



Then we got to Kelly’s house and played dress up, did some exercise, watched Ms. Doubtfire and sent each other selfies…or usies!



Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of all the things that make you the happiest!  I’ll leave you with one final Turkey thought! xoxoxoxoxoox times a mil!


By the by…we will be shooting our weigh in Saturday and posting it on Monday night at 7!!!!  Can’t wait to see y’all there!



  1. I loved all the you’ve got mail hashtags! The cooking segment never dissappoints! #sexyasscooks grandma is the funniest!
    And chasey’s chest is everywhere!!!! What a fun day! Love you Mo!!!!

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