Two Meatballs: Grow Old With Me, The Best is Yet To Be!

Hello my loves!  Sara here.  That quote, “Grow Old With Me, The Best is Yet to Be” always hung over my Grandma Apples bed and I always loved it.  I have so many people in my life that I love growing older and getting better with!!! (More on the Old part of that quote coming up #spoiler) Jenny and I have been busy buzzy little bees lately and it has been so fun.  Last weekend we had our annual Samuel Cole Salon holiday gala, The Bobies and it was the best one yet!!!

We were each others dates so you know it was fun!!!!  It is so nice to get to hang out with everyone, celebrate our team and the great year we’ve had…and who doesn’t love a photo booth!?  Also, we  ate sooooo healthy!

I even had a soothing tea after dinner….man times have changed! #usedtoalwaysbethedrunkestgalintheroom We stayed out and up so late that Jenny spent the night #alwaysmydream and we ended up staying up until 2 and getting up at 8. #haveitoldyouthatineed8hoursofsleep  That was the morning that I came to the realization that I am getting old!!!  It happened gradually, then suddenly. #fierceconversations  I woke up feeling so incredibly hungover even though I didn’t drink, nor did I eat anything that bothers me!  Sleep deprivation is my new hangover. #sober At 35 (I know everyone over the age of 35 is intensely rolling their eyes right now…I get it) and I have 1,000 grey hairs, deep smile lines and my skin has never been dryer!  My body was so sore from the night before, I felt like I got hit by a truck…we both had a hard time getting started that morning.  I felt like I couldn’t eat enough food!  I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t, I just ate every healthy thing in sight.  My body needed fuel.  The kids were coming over later so that my sister could go to a birthday party and I kept thinking, get it together Beard!  I ordered InstaCart to set myself up for success…since I had no more food in the house!

20180121_133202.jpgI went to town on those grain free tortilla chips!  I drank ALLLLLLLL of the water.  And I did some serious thinking about cooking.  But I just couldn’t get there.  All of the sudden it was 4 and the kids came barreling in!  I hadn’t moved from my spot on the couch!  I was in a crazy dazy place.  Thank goodness these kids love to chill!  So I ordered Chipotle since I had accomplished zero cooking and we snuggled like muggles!

We had a ball #sotickled, but I desperately wanted to go to bed!   Kelly picked them up a little later, I wrote last weeks blog and then passed out…without prepping any food for the next very busy day at work.  I also didn’t do laundry so I had to go shopping in my closet..thank goodness I found this cute dress because Monday morning I had to go in early and set up for a class with the one and only, Mark DeBolt!!!

Mark is a salon favorite and his class was everything!!!  Jenny and I sat together and soaked up all of his knowledge.  He even highlighted my hair (no better way to feel younger than a brighter blonde by the master himself)…I could die it’s so beautiful!  Thank you Mark, I miss you so much already!!! The day flew by.  Super grateful that lunch was catered by Mami Nora’s so that I could eat healthy even though I wasn’t on my game. After everyone ate there were some leftovers, so I put them in a tupperware container for the next day, just in case I didn’t follow through with cooking that night #spolier #ididnt!  My  sweet parents must have known I was in need, bc mom invited me over for breakfast for dinner that night! #hallelujah


It’s always so nice to get to hang out with my parents…I love them so much!!!  Mom sent me home with 2 sweet potato waffles since I was completely out.  This plus my leftovers would get me through the next day.  So one more day without cooking or laundry…still draggin ass. Finally I got my life together Tuesday night and got in the damn kitchen.  So as not to overwhelm myself, I just did two things.

I made a package of bacon so that I had easy to grab breakfast option.  I also made @nomnompaleo Double Umami Stir Fry Mushrooms and I added Chicken Sausage and Spinach…so f-ing good!  It felt so good to feel productive again.  And I didn’t overwhelm myself.  For the next three nights I took on small projects.  Wednesday night was all about @nomnompaleo Spicy Tuna Cakes! These were delicious but I really started multi tasking (I was also making sweet potato waffles) and I ended up with a mash!

Still good, but my lack of focus left me with this…


A messy little kitchen that I did not clean…like at all!!! I just couldn’t seem to get my energy back and making healthy food seemed more important that a nice house.  So my sweet little home was a mess for a little while.#whocaresliveyourlife  But by Thursday night, bae came over and we made Paleo Burrito Bowls (Thanks Chelsea!!!), I cooked and he cleaned the kitchen (my least favorite thing to do on earth…I love him squeeee)!


It was delish and I’m glad that B and I have been cooking together and it was so nice to have a clean house again!

I never really felt like I got ahead last week and I hate feeling like I’m just surviving!  You just can’t catch up on sleep. But I made sure I saw all of my restorative people (my chiropractor, structural integratist, acupuncturist) bc I knew I had another busy weekend coming full of all the people I love!   I managed to squeeze in my taxes after work. Then, Friday night brought a birthday celebration for my beautiful, amazing, funny, loving, full of life and laughter…best sister Kelly!!!  And we had the funnest group;  Kelly and I have always had an overlapping friends group!

We went to the living best restaurant So.Ca in Cameron Village!!!  Kelly, Kristina, Katie, Krista, Jenny and myself had so much fun celebrating the birthday and eating our hearts out! This place was super accommodating to my food needs and it was so good!

We laughed so much and it was great to all be together.  It makes me want to start a Supper Club with my #wolfpack ! Happy birthday Kelly, can’t wait to keep celebrating your birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #hikelly #w*&%$dolphin #auras #spiritanimals #mybestiekatieisintown

It was also great for another reason, Jenny and I got to spend two weekends in a row together #allmydreamscomingtrueagain


I spent Saturday getting my car inspected and then with my mom… we made lunch and lattes together!

All the mushrooms!!! Then Saturday night The Beards went to celebrate Farmer Joe (My lifelong bestie, sea foam friend, Katie’s little brother) and to reunite with The Tedrows and all the wonderful people who know them!  You may remember Joe from Two Meatballs: Nobody Skips to a Cockfight where we toured his then farm!!!  Joe turned 30 (another reason to feel old hahaha) and it was a great night celebrating him!

I love a reunion!  Happy birthday Joe!!!

I got home at a decent time last night and really slept!  I got up this morning and starting cooking!!!  I invited my parents over for brunch and I had to get started!  As you can gather, I’m a hot mess when it comes to cooking…it always tastes great but the mess I make and the failed multitasking slows me down!!!  On the menu today, a Beef Enchilada Bake from Whole 30 Recipes on Instagram!!!

I even made my own sour cream out of coconut milk, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar!  My house smelled so good and it was delicious!  And if you haven’t noticed yet…I love my family!  It makes my heart so happy to cook for and feed the ones I love so dear.  Now I have spent the rest of the day, stone cold chillin.  I sent some work emails, stayed in my pajamas all day, ate snacks and made some tuna for dinner!

I am feeling so much better…in every way imaginable.  I have learned that sleep is so important to me.  I have also learned that I can stay on track without further exhausting myself.  And that I can be good outside of my own home.  Whenever I start something new I tend to isolate myself a little.  I want to guarantee that I will be good so I have a tendency to avoid social settings.  But I love my people and I am always happy to find the balance!  Can’t wait to start a new week and try some more new recipes! And figure out when I’m ever going to work out again!  Until next time!!! Love y’all to the moon and back.



  1. So sweet!!! Live your life is my favorite!! I can hear you saying it! Funnest weekend ever!! Loved getting so much time together and can’t wait for more!! Thank you for everything!! I love you so muchhhh!!

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