Two Meatballs: Reclaiming My Space!!!

Hello everyone!!!  Sara here!  How was your weekend!?


Mine was pretty low key…I feel like I’ve got a baby cold or my allergies are starting to take over, so I am as snuggled up on my couch as a person could be, writing this post!!!!!!


Literally every blanket is on me!!!  I’m taking baking soda, elderberry extract, vitamin C and all of my supplements so I know I will feel fresh as a daisy tomorrow! #positivethoughts

But otherwise, I’ve been all about de-hoarding my house lately and upping the organization factor at chez Beard with the help of my sweet parents and my boo. Somebody look at this …

Do you see that weird thing at the bottom…it’s the floor!!!  I haven’t seen the actual carpet in my closet for months…bc this is usually the place where I throw everything in when I’m “quick cleaning up”! Hahahahah If only I had taken a before pic!!!  The mountain of clothes that took over my bed was so overwhelming!!!  But my mom and I tackled it one bite at a time and my room has never looked better. My closet hasn’t been this clean since Ryan from Newman Builders built it!  I ordered some cute little cube boxes so I can make the built ins even more streamlined!  My goal is to keep cleaning out everything so that I can ultimately get rid of the big bulky dresser in my room!  I want to reclaim my space and make my room into a quiet, clean sanctuary of peace and comfiness!  I have a little ways to go to get there, but purging feels so good!

I’ve kept up to projects and shopping in my kitchen too!  Somebody look at my rack!


My cabinet next to my stove was OVERFLOWING, so I found this sweet little chicken wire spice rack on Amazon and fell in love.  And now my cabinet is roomy as hell and this little piece is giving my kitchen so much character…speaking of adorable…


I got these little cuties on Etsy from a store called Do Take it Personally!!!  I love a pun and I totally hate doing stupid dishes!  I want to be in my kitchen all the time and thank goodness, because y’all, that is exactly what to takes to stay on track.  But first, I had to reclaim some counter top space!!!

My kitchen is gorgeous (another Newman Builders project) but I am very limited on space and since I live in a small townhouse style condo, every fucking wall is load bearing!   I have had to accepted the foot print of my house…but this only makes it more and more important to reclaim my space.  My countertops were crammed with appliances, so I rearranged my beautiful shelves (Newman Builders) to accommodate my growing collection of kitchen tools  and reclaimed alllllllll of my cooking spaces!


Now I have all the room for chopping and mixing annnnnd flowers!


I found these at Trader Joe’s!  I am counting down the days until my first farm fresh flower delivery from Split Acre!!!


Now that I have this big roomy kitchen, it feels even better to cook in!  Lately I have been wanting to eat garbage, so instead, I made butternut squash fries…

This satisfied my cravings so well!  I ate them with Tessemae’s Whole 30 approved ketchup mixed with Paleo sriracha!  I bought the squash pre- zig zagged at Trader Joe’s, tossed them in avocado oil, sea salt, garlic and tumeric and roasted the hell out of them for 15 minutes ( I did 400, I would do 375 next time so that they aren’t QUITE as charred).

I also made the living best roasted dijon mustard pork!!!  I ate it on top of salads, chopped up for breakfast and in an asian carrot dish!!!  This week I also ate cilantro lime chicken zoodles and all of the sweet potato waffles!!!

Today, I slept in and started the day by eating the best breakfast!!!

Hummus and black beans are the two non Whole 30 things that I partake in, so this morning I smeared Roots mango sriracha hummus all over my waffles, made a 3 egg concoction and some tomato slices with a little sea salt sprinkled on top!  And of course my cold match latte!  I then started 1100 loads of laundry and cooked my life away this morning! I roasted some cabbage in the oven in one pan and cooked some bacon in another!  On the stove top, I sautéed some mushrooms, shallots, spinach and chicken sausage in fish sauce and coconut aminos, I tossed this on top of the roasted cabbage!  And in another pan I made paleo burrito bowl loaded!!!

So colorful, so yummy!!!!  I had enough peppers and onions leftover that I made another migas scramble, without the rotisserie chicken this time!


I tossed the freshly cooked bacon on top and now I have two breakfasts, two lunches and three dinners ready to go!  I think the key for me to keep it interesting is to not plan for more than 2-3 days at a time.

I have the second load of laundry in the dryer now, one more in the wash and one more to go and it’s only 3:40 on Sunday!!!  Jenny is coming over soon and I’m so excited to see my meatball!  I hope that y’all have had a great weekend and that you’ll have a great week!  See you again real soon! Xoxo,



  1. Sara! This is amazing! Minimal-lizing your space is so liberating! Your ‘floor’ is gorge! 😉 Spice rack and new towels, so good for your soul! And your cooking spree is totally inspiring! What kind of bacon is that? It looks super deluxe. Having Jenny over… YAAAAAAAAAY! MUCH LOVE to you sweet inspiring motivated mballs!

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