Two Meatballs: #progress

You guyyys!!!!  You know what day it is…workout with Sandra day!!!!  But first we wanted to show you guys another little progress report of our workouts!!!  Sandra Axman of Innovative Fitness Training reached out to us in April and our first workout was 24th!!!  We were weak and out of shape and I think we both thought we were going to legitimately dieeeeee after our first session.  But Sandra’s enthusiasm was enough to hook us and we knew that working out was going to have to be a huge part of this new life. Here are some photo collages!!!!


We look sooooooo different!!!!  But I think it is hilarious and ironic that we are wearing almost identical outfits!!!  Ok on to todays ass whipping.  Today was all about agility and endurance….two words I didn’t know that I hated until today!  Winky face Sandra…sort of! So we were locked out when we pulled up and made our own fun in the parking lot!


This is how I felt about being locked out…


But the weather was sooooo nice!!!


We did a little pre workout balance beam…


Played a rousing game of find the meatball!



Then a scary rape van pulled into the parking lot and right next to us.  I instantly went into fight mode(I have no flight, just fight) and my don’t eff with us aura made them pull right back out. #noharrasmentneededsir #nomeansno But just in case they didn’t get the message Jenny sent a new one!


I wouldn’t mess with her! #powerfulthighs #thatfaceisnotintimidatingjenny

Then we finally got let in and walked into an obstacle course.


The 4 in me thought wahooooo, the 3 in me thought, oh shit!


So for round 1 we did every station for 1 minute 15 seconds.  There were 12 stations.  Did you read that…..TTTTTWWWWWEEEEELLLLVVVVEEEE stations.  I just wanted to make sure that was clear. Here is a little walk through courtesy of Sandra.

Station 1: Fireman’s ladder side to sides…


Station 2: Box Jumps or for me Box Step Up Crunches (this is actually Jenny)


Station 3: Planking


Station 4: Kettle Bell Dead Lifts


Station 5: Push Ups


Station 6: Alternating Crunches and Sit Ups:


Station 7: Bicep Curls


Station 8: In In Out Outs on a Step


Station 9: Tricep extensions


Station 10 Bosu Ball Burpees with overhead Crunches


Station 11: Pushing the Sled


Station 12: Pulling the Sandbag


So here is what it looked like when we did it. This happened for two rounds, but on round two each station was only a minute.

wpid-20140717_081650.jpgwpid-20140717_082900.jpg wpid-20140717_083333.jpgwpid-20140717_081829.jpg wpid-20140717_081951.jpgwpid-20140717_081704.jpg wpid-20140717_082130.jpgwpid-20140717_081835.jpg wpid-20140717_082252.jpgwpid-20140717_081959.jpg wpid-20140717_082435.jpg wpid-20140717_082318.jpg wpid-20140717_082427.jpg wpid-20140717_082912.jpgwpid-20140717_082546.jpg wpid-20140717_082725.jpgwpid-20140717_082738.jpgwpid-20140717_082729.jpgwpid-20140717_083023.jpgwpid-20140717_083043.jpgwpid-20140717_083100.jpg wpid-20140717_083020.jpgwpid-20140717_083037.jpg wpid-20140717_083207.jpgwpid-20140717_083243.jpg wpid-20140717_083202.jpgwpid-20140717_083357.jpg


Can you feel the utter exhaustion!?  I thought I was going to blackout!  But we finished and we’ve come sooooo far!!!  Now the time has come…for us to be dumb.  I seriously don’t know where the energy for this comes!!! Take me for my chariot ride!!!




Cheersing our sips of water so we don’t barf!


We love you Sandra!!!  One more week behind us and now we are stating the countdown to the next weigh in!!!!


Have a great weekend y’all!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox times a mil! Ps have you called Sandra yet!?!






Two Meatballs: Ask a Meatball!


Sooooo, lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions through Instagram (TWOMEATBALLSGETFIT),


Twitter (@meatballsgetfit),


Facebook (Two Meatballs Get Fit)


and the blog (!


And we hear you and want to answer you back!!!

Q: How often do you weigh yourselves…really just once a month!?!

A: Hell no!  This is such a measure of progress…but not the only measure!  We both weigh ourselves every morning.  This helps keep both of us on track, but if you are someone who gets easily discouraged maybe just try once a week!


Q: What is a typical daily meal plan for you guys!?

A: This is Sara.  I eat either a spinach smoothie (2 handfuls of spinach, 1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut milk, 1 banana, 4 strawberries, one spoonful of almond butter and a handful of blueberries and two ice cubes) or bacon/sausage with two eggs and fruit or a carnitas scramble for breakfast.  Lunch is usually one of the many recipes that we have made on the blog (right now it’s Asian slaw and pork burgers) and then dinner is usually the same foundation as lunch maybe with a twist.  So I would probably take a lettuce wrap and have an actual burger with the slaw on top and some baked sweet potato fries or some form of a spiraled squash or zucchini “pasta” with veggies and a protein!


This is Jenny.  For breakfast I’m a scavenger.  I pick and graze on food from the night before.  I don’t feel locked into “breakfast” food so usually last nights chicken and veggies or fruit and eggs.  There isn’t a consistent go to thing for me for breakfast.  Lunch is usually a chicken breast with an avocado and tomatoes or a salad with a ton of veggies or a Whole Foods find.  Dinner I make something like Chicken Apple  Sausage and Colorful Peppers or I wing it and make a zucchini chicken pie!



Annnnnd soooooo much water for both of us!!!!  Allllll day long!!!!

Q: What are your go to grab and go snacks!?

A: Um, pistachios (Sara says with shame) … If eaten in a portion control situation pistachios actually make for an awesome snack!


We love almonds, Coconut Macaroon Uber Larabars or Paleo Simplified Bars,


smoothies, smoothies, smoothies, and more smoothies but watch out for added sugar (ask for unsweetened) and make sure there are fruits AND veggies in there)!!!


carrot chips and guacamole,


an apple with almond butter,


fresh pressed juice,


this amazing thing where you take a half of a banana, cut it open like a boat, spread almond butter on it and put a crispy piece of bacon in there…its so good!


And all the yummy things we brought on our movie date…frozen grapes, seaweed snacks, white cheddar puffs (NOTPALEO), sparkling waters and dark chocolate covered almonds!


Any combo of fruit and a nut butter work as well and are super filling!!!

Q: What other physical benefits are you noticing from getting healthier besides the number on the scale going down!? I get frustrated when I don’t see the weight coming off quickly, so I’m trying to remember that there are other GREAT reasons to keep working out and eating well.

A: We both have sooooooo much more energy now which translates into wanting to be more active.  It’s the whole body in motion stays in motion theory.  We are both choosing more active ways to live beyond just going to the gym.  Also when you work that hard it makes you want to eat really well…it’s more motivating to stay on track.  WE both sleep better and less restlessly.  I personally haven’t been sick since we started this adventure and I was sick allllll the damn time before.  My mind feels sharper, I feel more focused and I didn’t know that it was even possible that either one of us could feel better about ourselves than we already did OR be more confident….but we both do.  We feel incredible and unstoppable.  We both feel a glow, our skin and hair look better bc we’ve nixed most processed foods and the water intake I’m sure is helping that front. Our digestive systems are functioning better and we both just feel so strong…and chock full of integrity.  We also get SUUUUUPER frustrated when the scale doesn’t reflect how we feel!!!  You are not alone Karen!  But it is a great idea to find other ways to feel and acknowledge the changes.  Sometimes you just have to say do I look and feel different today and if that answer is yes…eff the scale that day.

We would love to answer any other questions that you guys have, so keep em coming!!!  Also we just love to hear from you in general, so if there are any posts you wish we would do, or classes you think we should take or recipes that we need to try please send them our way.  Also we love to hear your story…it’s so motivating to us!!!!  Ok onto the best hour of the week…WORKOUTS WITH SANDRA! Here is our obligatory car selfie…


This is Jenny leaving…hahaha jk we stuck it out!



We really wanted to do something nice for Sandra since she is such an amazing human!!!  So we made an R+Co goody bag with Atlantis shampoo and conditioner, Park Ave blow out balm, Chiffon mousse and Death Valley texturizing spray.


And she loooooved it!!!!


We love you Sandra!!!  Then we got our asses handed to us but with an amazing soundtrack bumping in the background…there was Britney, there was Justin, there was Christina, there was Nelly Furtado…we were in heaven!!!!  Here is a little jackassing before the asses were handed…


If we only knew what was coming we wouldn’t have messed around!!!!  Today was all about TABATA’s but today they were 45 seconds on 15 seconds off!


We started off on the step with tip taps…a quick cardio up down for 45 seconds!


Then we did jumping jacks for 45 seconds…which is terrible!

Then work out amnesia kicked in and I’m not sure of the order of anything anymore so here goes  a peeky poo!


Then squats for 45 seconds…


Then lateral side walks or something…


Then more step ups left leg lead first for 45 then right leg lead!


And over and outs on the step!


And mountain climbers…


Then push ups…


Then 4 back to back arm exercises with 10 lb weights!


Then we ran in place and did high knees (hineys!!!)


Then speed skater type things…


Then agility jumps…


Then push ups…






And biceps…


Then squats…


Pistol squats…


Then sumo squats…


Then step ups with 10 lb weight…


Then alternating one leg standing crunches things…


Theeeeennnnn we had a section of shared experiences…


Planking high fives…


Sit up high fives…


A weird butt squat thing that I did not understand…maybe next time San!


Pass the medicine ball…


Standing pass the medicine ball…


Sit up and pass the medicine ball…fuck that medicine ball…


And then planking…for a minute and a half…


Then death…


jk we survived another intense workout sesh…


And lived to tell the tale!


We love you Sandra!!!! have a great weekend you guyyyyyyyys!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox







Two Meatballs: Bolt to Bolt


What an amazing holiday weekend with family!!!!  I hope y’all enjoyed yours as well!!!  Work was crazy busy for Jenny and I this week bc the owners of the salon so graciously decided to close Friday and Saturday in honor of America’s birthday!!!!  We love them sooooooo much!  We both love being busy bc then you just appreciate the time off that you have sooo much more…and who doesn’t love a holiday.  I have to say 4h of July is def one of my fav holidays…fireworks, family, bbq’s, swimming, watermelon (which I don’t even like but it just feels right), sparklers, lightening bugs, and this unexpected lovely weather that we had!  As you know Jenny and I have really recommitted to tightening up…we got a little fast and loose with our new lifestyles so I celebrated this weekend by going to the gym 4…count em …4 days in a ROWWWWWWW! I think that is a personal best for me since I started on this journey!





This makes me feel amazing!  I feel so strong when I leave the gym and every time I move something that I worked out  and it hurts it just hurts sooo good! Also and you guys are never even going to believe this but I love working out with my family!!!  Thursday was our meatball workout/ass whooping with Sandra but Friday, Saturday and even Sunday I worked out with my parents…and this sweet angel even popped in on Sunday!


#sweatfog #heatwave #fogginupthecamera #lovemysis

And then some terrible car “usies” (the plural of selfies…thanks Sandra) from our day of sisters that followed…#sisterlifewife


Also this weekend I reigned in my out of control eating!  On Friday we all met at my sister’s pool after the gym for an awesome FOJ (get it?!) celebration.  There was a greasy watermelon contest and a big splash contest and a name that tune contest #ilovegames and lots and lots of swimming and watching my little nephew Chase make up swim moves…like the dolphin (it looks exactly like what you think it looks like!) Then we walked back to my sisters house for an awesome paleo exclusive cookout!!!  Having everyone on the same page is so amazing.  Happiness and support are a choice and it makes me so thankful that my entire family is on the same page.  I mean look at alllll that yumminess on one plate!



We had marinated steak and pineapple kabobs on the grill, grilled zuchini, carmelized squash and onions (which I swear is a macaroni and cheese replacement) sweet potato chips with guac, a jicama, cucumber, lime stack and corn on the cob! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then Wyatt and I watched one of my all time fav movies as a kid…Addams Family Values!  Ugh I wanted to be Wednesday Addams soooo bad when I was a wee lass…what a badass!!!  #sooomuchfun


Then Saturday the Original Beards (OB’s…shout out and stole this from Nikki!) went out to dinner downtown.  My family can def get stuck in a rut.  We Ale House and Raleigh Times it up and last time we were all out, Kelly said we have to go somewhere new next time!  I LOVE NEW!!! So I did some research and asked my downtown guru…Michael Knight for a good recommendation and he said you should try Bolt .  So I looked up the menu and saw lots of paleo options right off the bat and made a reservation tout suite! It was such a nice night that we sat outside which is unheard of in July for the comfort craving Beards!



I can’t say enough good things about this place!!!  The atmosphere is totes adorbs…


they had an outdoor walk up bar #genius…



the menu was great…


there was a little cutie patootie playing and singing #ambience


the wait staff clearly all got along and loved each other, they were openly singing with the performer and giving each other a hard time…


and our waiter Adam was ahhhhh-mazing!


And he was adorable and so personable.  We talk a lot in my family and between the meatballs (and I even mentioned it above…it’s on my mind all the time) about happiness being a choice.  The manager Tim and everyone at Bolt literally embodied this sentiment…but especially Adam.  He was charming and had great recommendations and the gift of easy yet engaging small talk  but above everything else he was emanating positivity.  Not to mention he is a Wolfpack alum…what’s not to like. He clearly loves what he does and we are all about that.  He recommended the scallop dish and that’s what I got bc they are my favvvvvv and this particular dish came with a cauliflower puree…how progressive and paleo! Tim came by and told us how everything was local and organic…yay!!! Everyone was super attentive!


It was sooooo good!  Everything that everyone ordered was amazing.  The whole night had a glow around it…I don’t know if it was bc downtown was decorated for the 4th…



Or the great people that I was hanging out with and the awesome and hilarious conversations that we had (where would you live if money weren’t an issue)…


Or if it was the games that we played (can you find the meatball!?)…


Or if it was our awesome waiter Adam…


Or all of the above…but the night felt full of its own special energy.  There are so many opportunities in life to get mad, sad, disappointed, angry, jilted and depressed.  And they are probably totally justified and legitimate…buuuuuuut there are so many more reasons to be upbeat, happy, positive, buzzy, shiny and grateful.  Why not choose appreciating for the wonderful night you were handed?! Life is what you make it and I am so thankful to be surrounded by people who want to make it a better, more joyful place to be.  Bolt felt like such a great fit on so many levels.  So to Bolt,  thank you for having us…what a great night!!!  We will be back and you should go too…ps, ask for Adam and order whatever he recommends. You won’t be disappointed!!!


Enough gushing…This is a perfect example of something that could very easily be a bummer for someone…I am on another journey of a year of sobriety.  Being around drinkers could really bum me the fuck out but it doesn’t…like at allllll!  It makes me so happy that everyone can make their own choices and that y’all can enjoy a cocktail and I don’t have to feel the need to partake or feel badly or left out about the decision I made!  Temptation is a bitch and I’m so glad that this has been a pain free and healthy choice for me!  Another choice…bc that is all that life is…a series of choices and you have the ability to take control of your behavior!  Are you poisoning the well or are you emitting good vibes!?!?  I love you all and I’m sending all of this glow your way! #pollyanna

Sidebar…this is a little segment I like to call…sometimes you don’t always achieve your goal!  Here for instance…I chose to hate this  first picture and request that we keep taking it until I found one that I liked.  Apparently this top was standing room only!!! So to my family, thank you for putting up with me!!!! Love y’all the most! #OGB



And second sidebar, in a year when I’ve hit the reset on my drinking button…I want to do this…you drink beer and pedal your way through downtown….what a fun way to exercise and enjoy a beer with no guilt!



Have an amazing weeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!


Two Meatballs: Fireworks, F@%$ Ups and a Fat Crushing Workout!!!

First off….HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! #merica We hope your weekend is full of sparklers, fireworks, bodies of water, cookouts, family and friends.


#kelseyisthecutestever #butsooooisdustin #salonpatriotism#mericanails #leeisthebest

This weigh in felt epic! We hit 20,000 views on Facebook for Two Meatballs: Grin and Bare it!!!


Holy shit!!!  We feel great, we are getting a million compliments and together we’ve lost almost 100 pounds!!!


So what have we done…gotten cocky and started getting a little slack! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I did better on vacation than I have this week…who does that?!!  Jenny and I made a pact on Tuesday morning to give up our personal vices for one week.  She said goodbye to dark chocolate and I said adios to pistachios (NOOOOOOOOO)!!!


Thank you Nikki and Jack for the immersion therapy! #canyoutelljackiseatingpistachioandnikkiiseatingdarkchocolate #masicsm

So we started this month with great intentions.  Then we posted the weigh in and the praise and compliments came pouring in (thank y’all so much) and that little voice in the back of our heads (not blue cross blue shield) said….YOU’VE ARRIVED!.  Surely we must be done right?!  We look great, we  feel great…time to eat! We went to Ale House Wednesday night to celebrate..again with great intentions…what’s more Paleo than WINGS!? But then I ordered onion straws and we both ate our weight in bleu cheese. Woooooooof… We felt so awful when we left…I felt stuffy and like I had a cold and we both felt hungover and can you say BLOATED.  What a way to celebrate right!?  Lesson learned.   BUUUUUUT then I met up with some girlfriends last night that I hadn’t seen in a million years and we went to Coquette. Love you Robyn and Ellen!!!


Let me say…Coquette had some really great options…there was a pan seared duck breast and even my fav…scallops!  But do you know what I ordered!?!?!?  STEAK FRITES!  For those of you like my sister that struggle with French (#haricotvertshahahahahahahaha) its steak and FRIES!  Like French fries you guyssss…white potato, fried shoestring French fries.  And I know French so this wasn’t like oh whooopsies…I didn’t know what frites were!  But they were delish and it happened.  So then I woke up the next morning before our work out with our super best buddy Sandra Axman ( caaaaaaaaaallllllll her!) and adorably hopped on my scale as if I were going to see a loss and you are never going to even believe this shit y’all….I GAINED 3 POUNDS. Duhhhhhhhhhhh Sara!  Anyways I got dressed and went downstairs and sweet Jenny picked me up!  And she was in a mood…a mood that much reflected how I was feeling.  Neither one of us felt like exercising, we were both being bitchy and super irritated…it’s the craziest thing when you stray from what works how quickly your mind goes to fuck it mode. Sooooo we had a little counseling sesh on the drive to the gym.  We both have been too slack…eating too much, eating out, not eating the right things, not getting enough sleep, being slack with water and for me skipping my normal workouts.  She said I’m going to use all this anger in our workout today…#genius!  A workout was just what the doctor ordered.  How can you be mad when you are so physically exhausted and so proud of what you just accomplished!?  And by the by…Sandra you are the greatest human…thank you for forcing us out of our funk and always being so encouraging, positive and energetic.  You are a ray of sunshine that both of us desperately needed this morning and your commitment to our journey and end result is something that we are so grateful for!!!!!!!  We love you to the moon and back.  On to the workout…these first few pics we were still deep into bitch mode.


But we half heartedly tried to get over it!


But we really just wanted to go back to sleeeeep!


We went inside and the tom foolery began…lets be honest nothing makes us feel better than acting like children!


Then Sandra asked the question that we have heard 1,000 times this week…”have you guys been measuring?”  Nooooooo we are idiots!  Why didn’t we measure …that would be an awesome way to track progress!  So we started today! We also got our BMI and some other important number using a Gameboy like hand held device


Aaaaand now on to the workout for real!  This was both of our favorite workout ever!!! It was HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and we did Tabata which involves doing a particular exercise at high intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest.  It’s repeated 8 times for a total time of 4 minutes! (Explanation courtesy of Sandra)  First we did the dumbest cardio ever(this is Sara speaking…I hated this damn band)…it involved a small thick band that went around our ankles  and then you stepped up and over a step aerobic step (#howmanytimescanyousaystepinonesentence) and we did a Tabata here.


Take a closer look at why I hated these…my poor fat ankles…my cankles/calves got eaten by rubber!


Then there were two stations both with two different exercises each. The back station you were kneeling on a BOSU ball doing reverse chest press (pull down) And at the chest station you did a  chest press on a bench and we did these for 8 rounds…


Then we did the second exercise at our stations.  At the back station you switched to standing trx rows and at the chest station you switched to chest fly’s!


Then we got onto our mats and did Tabata ab work…with two different exercises working two different areas.  First was upper abs with crunches for 8 rounds then lower abs with leg crunches (laying flat and bringing your bent legs to your chest and then extending them back out) for 8 rounds. (There were no pics of this so we recreated this at work! #yourwelcome #mybackissoooohairynow)



Then we did a cardio thing back on the step with one leg stationary with the other leg being brought up with the knee bent and tapping the ground and bringing it back up again for 8 rounds…holy burn batman.


Then we switched stations and whoever did back went to chest and vicey versey!

Did you breath a sigh of relief and think that we were too but WRONG! haha

Next was two different stations one for biceps and the other for triceps.

At the bicep station we did bicep curls while sitting on an exercise ball to engage our core!  At the tricep station we had a stretchy thingy with two handles attached to an elliptical machine for stability and we had to do tricep extensions (Huge shout out to Michael for helping me figure out workout jargon…he is not responsible for the dumb shit I make up but for the correct terminology!)


Then before we switched stations we did a cardio/quad blaster back on the aerobic step. You start with your right foot fixed to one spot on the step and then do speed skaters for 8 rounds. After each round you alternate the leg that is stationary.


Then we switched bicep and tricep stations…


Annnnnd that was all she wrote!  This workout felt ahhhh-mazing!  Then we had to jackass around again!


And do a little homage to sweet dead Fat back Friday!


We just can’t keep our clothes on now!  But look how much smaller!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

And finally Sandra (yelling this) WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  To everyone reading this…if you are struggling to find the motivation to work out of just don’t know what you are supposed to do, this woman will educate and inspire you and help you get to your goal 1 squat at a time! Look at the difference she has made in our lives!?!?


She is LITERALLY the living best!




Enjoy your holiday weekend!!! XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOOXO!

Two Meatballs: Grin and Bare It!!!! (aka the 4th Weigh in!)

Knock knock…who’s there?!…TWO MEATBALLS AND A SCALE!!!



As fun as our vacations were…


Annnnd they really were soooo fun…


The time has come to put our numbers up or shut up…


NOOOOOOO butts about it (did you see what I did there?!)(if you didn’t, you’re about to)…


Did we survive June and our family vacay’s!?!



Or did we tip the scales in the wrong direction!?


Enough farting around..clothes off and signs up…


Let’s see who’s up first….


How did she dooooooo!?!?!?!



I lost!!!!!!!  Vacation was really challenging , and I am so glad I was able to lose.   I feel like I kinda drank my way through June with 3 weddings.  So I was slightly terrified going into this weigh in. I am excited to start July and continue this  awesome journey!  I’m really starting to see changes in my life.  I am always looking for fun and different workouts.   Who am I?????   I am incredibly happy with progress thus far!  It’s only going to get harder, and I need to keep a fire under my ass!  Thanks for all of the support as always! Love you!!!

Round two…Sara, jazz step your way to the front of this line!!!



Don’t mind if I do….but how did I doooooooo!?!?!?

_DSC1977_DSC1994_2_DSC1986_2_DSC2063 _DSC2004_DSC2007_DSC2017_DSC2021_DSC1999_DSC2062_DSC2089_2_DSC2095

Holy rice a roni you guys!!!!I’VE LOST OVER 50 pounds and I FEEEEEL INCREDIBLE (I’m yelling this sooooo loud!) I just didn’t know that it was humanely possible to feel this great…but I do!  I feel so itty bitty and I look forward to getting even smaller.  I have so much more energy and perspective on the world.  Sandra…you are such a wonderful person!!!  Thank you for everything you do.  To everyone who has supported this little adventure that we dreamed up…I just don’t know how to thank y’all!  You keep me going, you keep me inspired, you keep me driven and I just want to tell you how grateful I am and I won’t let you or myself down!  Feeling like a got dern champ! xoxoxoxo



Brandon…thanks again for putting up with us and deciding to play too!


His stating weight is 310…stay tuned for his progress!!!  We love you!!!

And as always our loyal friends…here art thou outtakes #someofthesewerereallybadideas #sillysally’s #holymotherofpearlwhitebelly #whydidithinkthatlookedcute #dammitbrandontelluswhenitsugly #westillfeeladorableasever #ghostface #weneverstoptalking #thisiswhowereallyare #crackingup

_DSC1831_2_DSC1832_DSC1847_DSC1852_DSC1858_DSC1862_DSC1870_DSC1880_DSC1882_DSC1885_DSC1887_2_DSC1897_2_DSC1913_DSC1939_DSC1945_DSC1953_DSC1954 _DSC2020_DSC1985_DSC2005 _DSC2112_DSC2176_DSC2136_2 _DSC1991_DSC2003_DSC2035_2_DSC2198_2


Another weigh in ta-done!!!!


We love you soooo much…please share this post on facebook….Ellen here we come!!!


PS Roseanne if you are reading this xoxo times a mil!